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Fish Head Meehoon @ Hilltop

Angeline Sunday, February 13, 2011 , , ,

This is one of my favourite fish head noodle in KK and it's popular with their tomato base soup. You'll definitely enjoy every drop of the soup, sweet, light, refreshing and for me it tasted like mum's ABC soup. Of course, another most important thing is their fresh ingredient, fresh fish.

Fish Head Meehon @ Hilltop
Located at Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant (only available at daytime)
Fish Noodle Stall
Just look at the crowd  you'll know how good the food gonna be
Drinks, RM4.00
Mixed Fish Mee Hoon, RM7.00
Nice texture and flavor fish ball or fish paste. Good protion size, simply sweet soup filled with tomato
Fresh Cooked Fish Head Mee Hoon, RM13.00
Definitely a promising fresh fish, sweet and firm texture fish flesh, light refreshing tomato soup, the soup was what I really came here for.
Fried Wanton, RM8.00
Total paid for noodles, RM28.00
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