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Cupcake Contest Photos

Monica Saturday, February 26, 2011

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My 3 years old daughter (LILO) LOVES to eat cupcakes so much...She's has a SWEET TOOTH indeed..
My cousin Elisa Mijin is a wonderful chef at home and she loved to bake and cook since she was still little. "Her touch on her cupcakes was just absolute delicious and the texture was so lovely with the toppings and less sugary"
~Clarissa Mijin~
~Xiao Tiing~ can we have somemore cupcakes?? pretty please!!!!
~Abigail Clarence~ Its a dog let me have a bone!!!
this cupcake is adorable..unlike me..hohoho
We got the whole our hands!!!~~
1 cupcake for 4 person??? Decisions..decisions..
Coffee, tea, cupcake or me??
yummy cupcake, can't get enough of it!!!~Georgiane George~
The name of our group is Cuppyholic.~Marie Florence Cabato~
Love Cupcake ~Mwah Cute~
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