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Contributed by Bobidom: Jai Ho Restaurant @ Lintas

Blog_For_Fun Wednesday, February 2, 2011 , , ,

Mama's Bday was yesterday :) (1 Feb 2011)
We celebrated her 55th Birthday at a new cafe called Jai Ho in Lintas area :)

I love how colourful the place is :)
They also have fruit Sisha if you feel like chilling out with your friends here.

We arrived 30 minutes before mama did.
Cici asked us to cover our face with the colourful pillows XD
but obviously my mom saw us buahahah =D

Jai Ho belongs to Aunty Del who also owns Kohinoor (named after her daughter).
Kohinoor is put in charge in managing Jai Ho :)
So for those of you who went to Kohinoor in Waterfront before, the food is fairly the same, i.e. Indian fusion food :)

For dinner, Cici ordered a dinner set for all of us which consists of Nasi Briyani, Garlic Naan, Mutton and chicken curry and best of all Mango Lassi!
Oh! And BB lead us by reading the Doa Makan for the first time *muaks*

For romantic and colourful dinner (and Valentine's celebration too), i recommend to all the Indian dish lover to go to Jaiho :)


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