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Chinese New Year - Day 2 Lunch @ Home

Monica Monday, February 7, 2011 ,

During the 2nd Day of Chinese New Year, Chinese will have their 'Hoi Nin' lunch at home with family before visiting relatives or friends.

Deep-fried Fish with Thai Sauce
Fish, being the auspicious dish during the Chinese New Year, is a must-have during 'Hoi Nin' (open year) lunch. Its bring the meaning of 'Nin Nin Yau Yu' (Every Year to Have Abundance). Mom cooked a delicious, crunchy and sourish fish for our family's lunch.
Prawn with Broccoli, Enoki Mushroom and Carrot
Loh Hon Chai
Loh Hon Chai is a dish cooked with assorted vegetables, mushroom, black fungus, beancurd skin, beancurd puff and gingko nut.
Steamed Whole Chicken
Sweet Sauce, Chili Sauce, and Ginger Sauce
Ginger Sauce is made from ginger, onion, fried onion's oil and soy sauce. It goes well with Steamed Chicken.
Roasted Duck
Freshly bought from the market, the Roasted Duck is a delicious ready-cooked dish.
Fresh Lettuces
Kiu Nyuk (Braised Yam and Pork)
Kiu Nyuk is a significant dish for the Hakka's family. It is also a must-have dish in our family.
Herbal Chicken Soup
A total of 8 dishes for lunch
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