CLINIC CAFE @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Contributed by Onglai22 and Yvonne Chow: CLINIC CAFE @ GURNEY PLAZA

Clinic Cafe @ Penang (2nd Branch)
4th floor of Gurney Plaza
Contact: 016-4198989, 016-4446118, 012-5486118
Clinic Cafe (1st Branch)
7 Jalan Todak 3, Bandar Sunway, Seberang Jaya,
13700 Perai,
 Penang, Malaysia.
Opening hour: 10:30am until 3am.
Contact: 016-4198989, 016-4446118/012-5486118/04-3996919
Clinic Cafe in Malaysia was founded by Ms Lu. The idea of setting up the theme restaurant comes from her trip to Singapore and Latvia, where there is a lot of different theme restaurants. She opened a new window to the theme restaurants which will definitely have a market in Malaysia. First theme restaurant was setup in Seberang Perai and followed by the outlet in Gurney Plaza of Penang Island.

I found out about this interesting restaurant through the Astro TV show and planned to make a trip to Penang if I happen to be in KL. Due to my heavy workload, I could only make it during the coming Chinese New Year 2011. The photos in this post were contributed by my friends, Yvonne Chow and OngLai22. Yvonne is basically from KL and had recently make a holiday trip to Penang while OngLai22 is my blogger's friend who are based in Penang. Both of them owned a Lifestyles Blog but Yvonne's blog is only open to invited friends. "Thank you" to Onglai and Yvonne.

Photos contributed by
Photos contributed by
Photos contributed by 
In Western countries, this particular franchise theme restaurant's staffs were all dressed in sexy outfist and the atmosphere was more like a pub. Ms Lu, however, had modified the idea as Malaysia is a more conservative country. It was also to make sure that all races in the country could accept the idea. From the entrance. the restaurant looks like a real clinic. First you'll see wheel chairs placed just beside the door. Walls are decorated with display frames of the human body functions posters and some medical instruments. Sofas are re-designed to look like hospital beds and above the dining tables are operation theater lamps. Another highlight is the hospital stainless steel table which is used as the dining table and the bill clip board which resembled to a hospital chart. All the waiting staffs were dressed in doctor or nurse uniform. No, not serving "hospital food" , in fact the food here are quality food. Clinic Cafe has it own main kitchen central which are responsible to create new dishes and keep an eye on the food quality control. Interesting! Dishes are served with surgical container in a kidney shape and tomato sauce or chili sauce is stored in a syringe. Interesting and fun to play with. Wide variety of food offered on the Menu, from chicken pasta, black pepper pasta and vegetable pasta which was cooked to perfection with the right biting texture and taste, to the highly recommended dishes such as tomyam fried rice, kampung fried rice and others. All dishes are serves in a generous portion size and ingredients. Some fresh idea about the interesting beverages; drip drink.
 Cutlery Box
 Calamansi Juice
Lemon Juice
 Money Bags
Caeser Salad
Beverages Counter
Operation Tools
Educational Chart
Hospital Bed Seats
Operation Room Lights

Some of Clinic Cafe Signature's Dish
Main course price start from RM9-RM20+ (Reasonable Price)
Clinic Special Chicken Rice, RM13.80
Clinic Fish n Chip


gunsirit said…
Nice pictures..makes me hungry (only the food pictures) hehe
all-is-off said…
wow....wish someone would open one here.

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