Contributed by Fara aka Bobidom: 10 Days Vacation - Second Stop - Ipoh and Penang

After meeting up with the rest of the girls at Rum's house *thanks mummy Rum for having us*, our next stop would be the island of many famous Char Kueh Teow... Penang! :).
With the help of Marissa's wide-range network, we got Fuz to be our driver bodyguard.
So say hi to Fuz! =P

Hehe... *we heart fuz* ^_^
Our trip didn't feel long coz he drove SO FAST, and the speed reached above 200 km/h XD

But still, it was a smooth drive that we fell asleep and missed THE Penang bridge =_=".
*No mars, am not posting my not so glamour sleeping face here XD*

If you noticed, due to space limitation, Rina didn't join us for this trip.
Instead, with no regret, she happilly went for the Video Games Live event in KLCC.

*Plus, I don't think she would favour Fuz's Need For Speed driving* =P
Photo taken from KLUE website.

Anyways, back to MY trip.

Travelling in Penang is not so much on the shopping but more on history, architecture and FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD.

I've been researching lots and lots of online blog reviews on several famous hawker stall in Penang.

Thank goodness that most that caught my eyes didn't serve pork XD

Before reaching Penang, we stopped by Ipoh for our lunch and met with Mars's online daddy, Yosei.

We had Kai See Hor Fun *yummmm~~~*

Huhu~~ It's WAAAAAY better than the Chicken Hor Fun in Old Town White Coffee ^_^ and the taugeh was VERY fresh, fat and crunchy.
Serena on the other hand had Chu Cheong Fun a.k.a non-halal XD
I'm also loving the Caramel Honey Pudding we had for our dessert. *Slurrp*
Before continuing our journey, we also tapau-ed some Tau Fu Fah and Fresh cold soya bean drink from one of the famous shop called Funny Mountain Soya Bean in Ipoh :)
We reached Penang at about 3pm and met another friend of Marissa name Douglas, as well as his cute cousin, Gerain or 'G' for short, to navigate us around Penang =P
This is where we stayed.
The PPisland hotel, as recommended by Jacq.

This hotel is very affordable, only RM78 per night for Queen Sized bed.
It's located in Abu Siti Lane,
and surrounded by lots of Hawker stall.
It's also 5 minutes drive / 10-15 minutes walk to Prangin Mall and Komtar.

Since we were a bit full from lunch, Douglas & G brought us to the famous Cendol stall in Penang for our afternoon snack.
The cendol was o.m.f.g.delicious!!!!!!!
It's not cair like the one in Sabah, and you can actually savour the rich molasses and coconut milk!
If you go to Penang, I highly recommend you Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul stall.
Each serving only cost RM 1.00 ++.
No need to go find so many reviews in blogs...
You'll just know it's famous when people willing to line up and eat in the middle of the road, standing under the hot weather XD

Next, we went to Gurney Plaza for some shopping.
Nothing caught my eye except 1 blue/white silk cheongsam at one of the shops.
*no pics of it, sorry*
It was drizzling around evening time, so we canceled our plan to go to Gurney Street and went straight ahead to Northam for our dinner.

On our day - 2 in Penang, before driving back to KL, Douglas/G brought us to Joo Leong Cafe for breakfast.
We had a thick butter toast with half boiled egg + Teh C Kao Ping.
The Teh C Kao Ping is not so much for my liking.
I still prefer Fook Yuen :).
Douglas said, one of the way to enjoy this breakfast is to spread some sugar on your butter toast and dip it into the half boil egg.
Try it :) It tasted delicious!

Next, we proceeded to the snake temple.
I remembered one of the lines at the 'Photograph with Snake' corner, where this guy said to us:

Guy: Want to take photo? Come, touch my snake...
Us: Err.. no thanks..
Guy: Come, touch my snake... we can do it together :)
Us: *got the wrong idea* WHAT??? *Touch 'your' snake and do it together?* NO THANKS.


I know... our minds are all filthy. Hahahaha!

Anyways, Kek Lok Si Temple (Buddhist temple) was our next stop.
Kek Lok Si temple is located in Air Hitam.
It is the largest and best known temple in Penang, and also the location for the largest bronze statue in the world (the signboard said so XD)

Douglas/G dropped us half way on the hill for us to walk up and experience the temple ourselves.
While walking up the stairs, we took lots of photos before meeting them at the top via the inclined lift.

This is the Kuan Yin statue located at the top of the temple.
We also took photos with our individual Chinese zodiac :)
View of Penang from the top...

Yes... Penang got haze also =_=

Finally, our last meal in Penang,

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting till i can get my hands on this meal.
We had it at the famous Sister's Char Kueh Teow shop.
Most of the blog review I read before said that the sisters were quiet snobbish and arrogant.
But gladly, it didn't happen to us.
and I love the taste, the big fat prawns, sprinkling of crab fillet and spiciness of the Char Kueh Teow.

Thank you Douglas/G for taking us around ^_^
I hope to come back to Penang again for more food hunting!

As we reached the tunnel on our way back, we played the 'Hold your breathe & Make a Wish' game I used to play with my uni-friend.

All you need to do is to take a deeeeep breath, and hold it while making your wish as you drive in the tunnel.
This is how everybody looked like...
It's a silly game really.
But it's fun!
You should try it too.
Else, you're booooorrriiinngggg~~~~

Gonna continue my KL trip - part 1 after I finished my lunch.

To be continued...



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