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This was a treat by the soon-to-be married couple SL and Eugene cum the host and best friend. Instead of going to Dragon-i which serves Shanghai style dishes, Eugene recommended this Canton-i which is operated by the same Company / Group and serves Hong Kong style dishes.

Iced Milk Tea

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Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken Pieces 咸鱼鸡粒炒饭
The fried rice was not oily and could feel the salted fish in every bite. Apparently, it was Eugene's favourite... :P

HK BBQ Pork Bun 天下第一包

Also not oily and the bbq pork filling was moist and quite a lot too...

Roasted Chicken / RM1 Chicken 一蚊鸡

Yes, this half roasted chicken was only RM1.00. The only condition was that this chicken is not valid for take-away customer and even if you could not finish it, you cannot take-away too. Only for dine-in customer. It tasted quite good though.

Kon Lou Mien with Roasted Pork and Char Siu 双拼干捞面
OK. Nothing to shout about.

Cantonese Cheong Fun with Yao Cha Gui 广东炸两

Quite special. Never eaten this dish before. Yao Cha Gui was wrapped in the Cheong Fun. So instead of the soft and smooth texture of cheong fun, now with added crispy and crunchy feel of yao cha gui. GOOD!

Dessert: Pamelo Pieces and Mango Juice 杨枝甘露
The combination of the pamelo and mango was so refreshing. GOOD!

Dessert: Mixed Fruits in coconut cream 椰汁鲜什果爽
This was not too bad too. A lot of fruits pieces served in coconut milk.

Another yummy meal... Thanks SL and Eugene for the treat... :=)


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