Seafood Restaurant @ Likas

Seafood Restaurant
Location: Near Likas Servay, opposite of KFC, facing the roadside
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 2/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 5/03/2010
Not long ago, while having a chat with Gary( a gym's member), I got to know that the Seafood Restaurant that I always come across while going to Servay was actually had 20 years history. It is called ''Yu Ha Hai'' in Chinese, which means fish, prawn and crab. The shop is actually famous with their fried noodles.
This morning, Angeline and I decided to have our breakfast there while on the way home.

Softdrink, RM1.80
Wat Tan Hor, RM5.50
The restaurant is called Seafood Restaurant in English and Chinese but not a single piece of seafood that we can find in our food. However, the Wat Tan Hor was good. It had the savoury taste that I like when eating Wat Tan Hor. The pork slices tasted good too, tender and was well marinated. The thickness of the gravy was just nice.
Tuaran Mee, RM5.50
The Fried Tuaran Mee was not bad as well. I'm not an expert in Tuaran Mee and I'm not so sure how it was suppose to taste like but this Tuaran Mee definitely don't make me feel 'jelak' or disgusting when eating. I hate the sticky and soggy type of Tuaran Mee.


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