Saturday, Junk Food and Movie Day - McDonald's (Food) & DayBreaker (Movie) @ 1Borneo

McDonald's 1Borneo Hypermall
Tel: 088-447568
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed:27/03/2010
McDonald's Eat-In Total (Incl Tax), RM26.09
Saturday seems to be our junk food day and movie day. After having KFC and Pizza Hut for the past two weekends, Jack wanted to have McDonald this time. The yoga classes was extremely hard today, so, my normal McChicken Meal would not have satisfy my big appetite. I ordered the Big Mac Set instead.
Value Meal Spicy Chicken, RM6.25
During lunch hours, McDonald McValue Meal are really worth of money. Although the Fried Chicken portion was smaller than KFC, the price was much more cheaper. Also, I quite like the Fried Chicken at McDonald. It was crispy and less greasy. The fries was good too.
2 x Value Meal Big Mac, RM10.50
Jack and I were having the Big Mac. We love Big Mac and it was well-known as McDonald signature dish. From what I remembered, Big Mac used to be very big during my childhood time. Maybe the size of Big Mac had been shrinking or maybe I had grown up and everything will tend to looks smaller, for this, I will never know. Anyway, the taste of the Big Mac had never change, it will always be our all-time-favourite.
 3 x Medium Coke, RM8.10
This weekend, we watched DayBreakers. It was a good movie and we enjoyed it very much. The post-apocalyptic scenario in this movie is cinematically delicious. We can see vampires in business suits, jeans and sport attires going about their daily lives, while human beings are farmed for blood.

The story started with a researcher (Ethan Hawke) who try to find a better solution for the diminishing blood bank by formulating a usable replacement. His researches was financed by an evil corporation led by a supplier CEO(Sam Neil) who ironically sells blood through government endorsements. Instead of finding a usable replacement, together with a beautiful girl(Claudia Karvan) and the rumoured revelation of a vampire (Willem Dafoe) who has turned human again via an unlikely mystery procedure, he had found a cure for the vampires.


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