MASARAP Filipino Cuisine @ Lintas

MASARAP Filipino Cuisine
Blk B, Lot 13, Lintas Square,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 016-8136472
Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 4/03/2010
Recently, it seems to be quite a lot of people asking us about our food review at Masarap. We passed by the restaurant few times but always forgotten to check it out.

Today, we finally get a chance to check out the place after our evening classes. While we were waiting for our food to arrived, we had some cookies as starter. It was made by Shirley.
 Our starter, cookies from Shirley...yummy
Sauce and Chili
Kaideretang Baboy (Pork), RM12
The Pork was good. Cooked with potatoes, capsicums and carrots. The gravy tasted sweet and savoury with a little spiciness. Good to go with rice.

We didn't order their famous Fried Pork Leg dish as we couldn't finish it. Maybe we will try it out next time.
Broccoli Beef, RM12
As for the Broccoli Beef, you can find more beef than broccoli. It tasted a little bit too salty to my liking.  However, the beef was quite tender. Other than that, nothing to shout home about.
Pansit Canton, RM7.50
Pansit Canton means noodle fried in Cantonese style. It was good. It comes with lots of vegetables, octopus and prawns. Honestly, it tasted like fried instant noodle but I like it. A good recommendation is to eat the noodle with the chili sauce they provided. 
Adobo Manok (Chicken), RM12
According to Jack, Adobo Manok is one of the famous dish in Philippines. As Jack doesn't eat pork, we ordered this dish for him. It was good. Fragrantly good with wine and soy sauce flavour with a mild tang of ginger taste. 
Tonight dinner bill, RM53.35


Aya Nina said…
sigh.. darn. i was planning to eat there till i read 'pork' above XD
Monica said…
haha...most of the dishes are pork...
Pauline Voon said…
thanks for sharing :)

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