Macau Trip (First Trip) - Day 1 and Day 2

Greetings from Cassie here! To all of our blog's viewers, I'm a new team member for these blog. Same as the rest of our team members, I'm a foodie and I love food.

In this very first post of mine, I'm going to share my Macau Trip's experiences with you guys. Fyi, my sis and my bro-in-law were based at Macau for working purposes, so, I've eventually became a frequent visitor of Macau. During last summer, May'2009, I was there with my mom for a short holiday.
Lately, I've been quite depressed with my life as everything doesn't goes really well. When my mom suggested a short trip to Macau, immediately I jump-off from the sofa and agreed. Dad was busy and wouldn't have the time to accompany mom during this trip, so, it will only be me and mom who's going to Macau and visit my beloved sister and bro-in-law.

First day touching down at Macau, sis brought us some Portugese Egg Tarts as snack and bring us to a Dessert House for tong shui.
Portuguese Egg Tarts  HKD 48.00
By having the warm Portuguese Egg Tarts, I can felt the warmness that my family had given me. It is always the best to have our beloved family around us whenever we are feeling down. The Portugese Egg Tart's pastry was crispy and the egg custard was soft and smooth that it can easily melt in my mouth.
Black Sesame Soup HKD 12.00
My sis brought us to a famous Dessert House, Yee Shun Milk Company in Macau for some locals dessert. Their Black Sesame Soup was heavenly good. It was thick and smooth. Flavourful with strong black sesame taste but not too sweet.
After the dessert, we went back to my sis's house and have a rest before dinner. Sis planned to bring us for a special Thai Food dinner on that night.
According to sis, Thai Food is not a common food in Macau and Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen serve very good Thai Food. Sorry that I couldn't recalled the price of the food. It was paid by my bro-in-law and I didn't had the initiative to ask.
Fried Tunghoon
The dish was not too oily, seasoning was just right and the taste is truly Thai but made in Macau. Bravo!!
Fried Noodle with Seafood
My sis highly recommended the Fried Noodle with Seafood. It was fragrantly good and had the savoury 'wok' flavour. The Seafood was fresh and the whole dish was appetizing.
Minced Meats with Basil, Fresh Lettuces
One of the must-have dish whenever we had Thai Food is always the Minced Meats with Basil. The right way to eat the minced meat was to wrapped it into the Fresh Lettuces. The minced meats was rich in herbs flavour with a little spicy and tasted very refreshing when eaten together with the Fresh Lettuce.
Thai Fish Cake
Crispy Thai Fish Cake dipped with Thai Sauce was yummilicious! This is the only way I could described it.
Thai Green Curry
I personally don't really like thick coconut milk flavour. The Thai Green Curry although tasted not bad with strong curry flavour and spiciness, it was too rich with coconut milk and quite creamy.
Stir-Fried Kangkung
The Stir-Fried Kangkung tasted just like our local dish. While having the vegetables, it reminded me of my hometown in Sabah. Fortunately, I was surrounded by my family's members.
Second day in Macau was quite relaxing. We had most of our meals at home. While my bro-in-law was off to work, sis brought us out for a walk to unwind ourselves.
The building structures in Macau are really special. I'm kind of feeling myself lost in the space when passing-by the beautiful scenery in Macau. It does looks like I'm living in a Western country but surrounded with Asians.
I was salivating in front of the Haagen Dazs's stall for a while and little do I know that my sis noticed it. By looking at my cute expression, my sis couldn't resisted herself from buying me some ice cream. I just looked like a small little girl in front of her begging for some ice cream.
Food is always for us to share. We share the ice cream while continue walking around the streets. It tasted more flavourful with the warmness from my family. I really enjoy my trip very much.
Life in Macau was so beautiful! For once, I've been wondering how good it can be if I'm staying at Macau. As people always said 'the grass always looks greener at the other side of the fence'. It is such a crying shame life if this is how I seems to see things.
For MU fans, you will have to shout out loud when you see the shop at the photos below. I have plenty of MU fans and I guessed that they will be very excited if they happen to be in Macau.


Unknown said…
Hi Cassie,
Just in case some of your readers don't know, the dumpling & sotong-kangkung stalls have been forced to move out of Kedai Kopi Chuan Hin (next to ex-Cottage Pub). Anyway, they will be relocated to HILLTOP at Lot2, Ground Floor, Kolam Plaza (Behind PRUDENTIAL Insurance Building) and operating our business under the new name of KEDAI KOPI NEW MUI VUI and will open at 6pm this Saturday 3rd April, 2010. Please show your support :)
You can also visit their blog at -
Does anyone know where the smelly sotong (next to former Capitol Theatre) has move to? I sure miss that taste!
Leslie Chin

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