Kedai Kopi Soon Hing @ Menggatal

Kedai Kopi Soon Hing
Location: opposite Esso, corner shop facing roadside
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 18/03/2010
Another famous shop that you should drop by if you happen to be at Menggatal is Kedai Kopi Soon Hing. They serves good Kaya Puff, Curry Puff and Bread. Only if you are lucky, you will get to buy their bread as it is selling like hot cakes. Their Curry Puff had came out at The Star Newspaper Food Guide previously.
White bread freshly baked from oven
Famous Kaya Puffs, RM0.70 each
The Kaya Puff was good. Thin layer of pastry with thick kaya. Wasn't too sweet and fragrantly good. You will not get 'jelak' with the taste and probably will opt for a second bite. The boss said it is a must-have if you visit his shop (It was not my intention to buy it at first).
White bread, RM3.50 each (we bought 3 loaves)
The bread was fresh from the oven. Soft and fluffy. Fragrantly good. Bread lovers should try this.
Famous Curry Chicken and Beef Puffs, RM1.00 each
The Curry Puff was something not to be miss. It was delicious. Thin layers of pastry which is crispy and wasn't too oily with curry chicken or beef as filling. Love it!


Anonymous said…
Soon Hing's kaya puff is my favourite since I was a kid. Totally agree with Monica. Kaya puff is the signature dish and the recipe has past on generation by generation. The owner is the third generation if I'm not wrong.
Monica said…
I didn't regretted buying it. It was so tasty.

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