Kedai Kopi Sin Houng Kee @ Bandaran Berjaya

Kedai Kopi Sin Houng Kee
Location: Bandaran Berjaya, near Maxim Seafood
Food: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
We were craving for fish noodle and Kedai Kopi Sin Houng Kee was the first shop that comes to our mind. It was one of the best fish noodle we had in KK.
Mixed Fish Noodle (Yu Chap Mee), RM6.00 
The Mixed Fish Noodle was very good. It comes with fish skin, fish stomach, fish ball, fish cake and fried fish. I personally love the fish skin and the fried fish. It was fresh with no pungent taste and delicious. The soup was sweet and savoury with lots of tomatoes and tofu.
Total paid for Breakfast and drinks, RM15.20


Raymond said…
hey, just read ur artitle "Good food listing in kk", i really love it, n most of the food that i known was listed. unfortunately my #1 food in kk was not listed, its the "Yu Chap" in Damai, Hoong Kee, exactly beside Damai Pan Mee.... the Yu Chap is totally different from "xin hoong kee", taste much better, n i don like "sin hoong kee" at all, u should try it

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