Business hours: 6:30am-12:30am
Food: 3.5/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 26/03/2010
Angeline wanted to eat fried noodle for breakfast today, so, I brought her to Inanam Restaurant and Cafe which is located near my house. Recommended by the staff, we ordered a Wat Tan Hor,  Fried Noodle(Wet) and Singapore Fried Meehoon.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we met Michelle's husband and was told by the restaurant's staff that our bill was settled (Thank you for the meal to Michelle and Hubby)
Wat Tan Hor
The Wat Tan Hor was fragrantly good. The egg gravy was thick and flavourful. The prawn was fresh and the portion was really big.
Fried Noodle (Wet)
The Fried Noodle (Wet) was good too. It comes with fresh prawns, fish fillets and fish cake slices.
Singapore Fried Meehoon
The Singapore Fried Meehoon was nice. Not too dry and the taste was just right. It also had a mild ketchup flavour. After trying out their fried noodle, we were quite confidence with their Tai Chow's dishes and definitely will be back for dinner.
Today Lunch, I guess is under RM20.00
Special thanks to Michelle and her husband for the meal!!
Economy Rice
Chicken Rice and Noodles
Tai Chow available Day and Night

Today Meditation:
Living life in terms of your vision and working toward your goals must be done in the context of today's activities. Do not focus too heavily on the results of your efforts. Do not live for the future attainment of your goal. Live your life through the lens of your vision and what can be done in the present moment. Living your vision is not about reaching your goals. It is about living and working toward them. It is not about producing results but about living your life in a more meaningful and personally rewarding way.
Ari Kiev


Aya Nina said…
Is it located near the laksa shop? :) *adds to must eat list*
Anonymous said…
Tried looking for this restaurant but can't find it. Any landmark nearby ? The pictures sure look good and mouth-watering too. Thanks. Michael
Monica said…
It is located opposite of Restoran Juara and Kedai Kopi Laksa. Near Shin Chin Tyre Shop and Choon Yen Fatt Supermarket.

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