As I was heading home from work, i walked past this relatively new burger joint that caught my attention. "The Handburger" with the very clean and simplistic decor. I expected premium price to be paid for the handburger and suprisingly, the prices were reasonable. It is definitely not comparable to those fast food joint like McD, Carl's Jr and Burger King. This was different to me, it oozes boutique burger.

The decor and ambiance of the place is rather simple and non pretentious. Despite the openness of the place, you still get your privacy and wont be bothered too much with the crowd around you.
We were sitted as soon as we walked in to the shop and placed nicely at the corner of the room. Menu was placed on the table right after we were seated. As we peruse through the menu, i realized that there was a wide variety of gourmet burger choices to choose from.
So we both decided on having the burger set. My friend ordered "The works" with Calamari rings and garlic aoili with green tea. Added on the chunky mushroom soup as well.
The mushroom soup was very tasty and pure. Definitely made in the kitchen with real mushroms and not those from the cans! It got a good 7/10 from my friend.

The burger arrived not long after we ordered. It was definitely very pleasant to the eyes. The burger is stacked with a a generous portion of beef pattie, onion rings, sunny side up eggs, bacon pieces, cheese, sauce and coral lettuce.
The calamari was crispy on the outside and had the perfect texture on the inside. It is easy to get this wrong. if it is overcooked it gets tough and rubbery.

I had the duck leg confit burger topped with mandarin oranges, tomatoes, sprouts, coral lettuce and their home made sauce. It was a different take from the ordinary beef burger one would indulge in. This was rather different. Taste wise, I will give a good 6.5/10. Perhaps, it takes a little getting use to.

We also ordered some fries to share.
All in all, it was a great dining experience for my friend and I. We both agree that the quality of the food is good and definitely beats any burger joint out there. Despite being slightly pricier than your regular burger joint, it is definitely worth the try! The burger buns are made freshly daily in the shop itself. The service provided was admirable. The staff was friendly and the ambiance is good. We paid $46 for both our meals. Looking forward to my next burger meal with them.
p.s:// Sorry for the quality of the pictures as it was taken with my phone!


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