Gayang Seafood Restaurant
The best place to enjoy the bounty of the sea is by the sea.
Gayang Seafood Restaurant established from 2002, one of the Tuaran Seafood Restaurants,its only 28KM from kota kinabalu.It is a perfect place to enjoy all kinds of delightful marine cuisine in sabah,Malaysia.

Located on the Kampung Baharu,Jalan sulaman overlooking mangrove swamp, Gayang Seafood Restaurant serves up the freshest of ingredients with friendly flair and SERVE NO PORK.
Children are welcome. Gayang Seafood Restaurant has special highchairs to keep children occupied.
Whether it's an easy breakfast, family lunch, a romantic dinner or a group celebration, it's time to make a splash.

Operation Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Daily)
Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 20/03/2010
This is my favorite place of having seafood, if I have time to make a driving trip, I'll choose this restaurant. My last trip was in April, we had steamed fish for RM70, Steamed Small Lobster RM90 and Stir-fried Sabah Vegetable RM10, as i remember the total bil was under RM200. I like their cooking here more, light, tasty and not oily.

As the for the food photos below is from "Cassie" which had dine here on Saturday with her group of friends, total of 8 persons. Other then food they also had a lot of alcholic drinks or booze "beers". They have to fork out about RM70 per person, total damages RM500++

She and her friends also agreed that the food in Gayang Seafood Restaurant was better then Salut Seafood Restaurant. Her special highlight was the Mantis Prawn, delicious..yummy..good..nice, you name it. Overall they had a good time eating, drinking, chit-chatting here.

Selection of live fish
Steamed Fish, RM90
Live Mantis Prawn, RM12 each
Chiu Yim Nai Niu Har, RM96
(Deep Fried with marinated Salt and Pepper)
Kam Hiong Hai (2kg), RM40
(Stir-fried with Aromatic Spices)
Stir-fried Seabass with ginger and onion (1kg), RM25
Stir-fried Bamboo Clams with chilli black bean, RM28
Kangkung Belacan, RM15
Butter Prawn (1kg), RM45
Pak Cheuk Har (1kg), RM45


Mas Light said…
I actually thought the prawns were great ;)
Aya Nina said…
But i dont like their skinless butter prawn compare to Salut. What i love here is the steam fish cook in Baba Nyonya Style. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S

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