Fork & Spoon, Paparich and 1901 Hot Dog @ City Mall

Fork & Spoon, City Mall
No.5-0-26, Lot 26, Ground Floor,
Block E, City Mall, 88450 Jalan Lintas, Kota Kinabalu
H/P: 012-8431383
Food: 3/5
Services:  3.5/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 6/03/2010
Fork & Spoon had been operating at Citymall for quite a while. So far, we had never heard about any comment of their food. It seems to be nobody bother to check it out nor give it a try.

Angeline and I were waiting for Jack to pick us up today as we didn't drive. Since it was a delay, we had our brunch at Fork & Spoon. 

Total paid for Lunch, RM22.90
2 x 100Plus, RM6.00
Curry Meehoon, RM5.90
I remembered Banes told me that she can hardly find a nice Curry Noodle in KK which tasted like KL Curry Noodle. So, I decided to check out their version of Curry Noodle. Taste wise, it was okay. It doesn't really have the strong curry flavour that I like. After adding in the sambal and lime to the soup, it tasted better.
Club Sandwich, RM8.90
Club Sandwich seems to be one of their hot pick. Angeline was tempted by it too. The fillings included thick cheddar cheese, ham, fresh lettuces and tomato. They are very generous with the butter as thick butter was spread all over the toasted bread. It was very filling but tasted just average. 
A great news that we found when passing by Big Apple Donut. PappaRich is opening soon at Citymall. It was located right beside of Big Apple.

1901 Hotdog is available at Citymall too. It was one of the famous hotdog chain in KL.
They are quite famous with their Coney Dog.


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