Food City -2nd visit @ Kolombong

Food City
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 21/3/10 and 12/3/10
After our first review, one of our blog's viewer had suggested us to try the Fried Koay Teow Mamak Style at Joy Fine Tast Corner. It will be a great surprise if you saw the awards that had been received by the chef. The unassuming hawker stall was not one to belittle. The chef had work in a five star hotel for 10 years and had won some awards from competition.
Fried Koay Teow Mamak Style (Mix) RM6.00
The Fried Koay Teow Mamak Style was really good. Fried noodle mamak style was suppose to be a little bit sweet, spicy and the noodle should not be too dry. These Fried Koay Teow had fulfill all the requirement. It was flavourful but too spicy for those who can't really take spicy food. The beef was well-marinated and tasted a little bit like beef satay. I'll said that it had the hotel's food standard of taste.
During our previous visit, Jack saw the patron sitting at the next table ordered the Deep Fried Yee Mee and it looked deliciously. Hence, he won't miss the chance to try it out this time.
It was from the Chinese stall located next to Joy Fine Tast Corner.
Deep Fried Yee Mee RM4.50
The Deep Fried Yee Mee was fragrantly good. You can tasted both the crispiness and the springy texture of the noodle. The smooth gravy goes well with the noodle but doesn't make it become soggy at all.


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