Chatterbox, taste the legend! Yes I have heard about the legendary chicken rice many a times! From various different people and read about the legendary chicken rice! Chatterbox is famous for its chicken rice ! ENOUGH SAID! BUT!? Does it live up to its fame?

The menu, i like the menu, i like menu that is educational. You can read about history of the place or the origin of the food.

Well if you click on the picture, i think you will be able to read about the history of the chicken rice and so on.

The main character of the menu

The interior of the place, we were early thus the empty seats. But when we left the place, it was already full house. I dont understand why but i guess there must be something special with this place.

So, all four of us had the signature chatterbox chicken rice with some sides.

The set comes with a bowl of soup with lettuce and a slice of japanese tofu, rice, chicken, and the three condiments (ginger, chilli and black sauce).

3 of us decided to have the chicken breast whilst the other one had the thighs. The meat was not tender enough and it was sliced too thin for my liking, i would have prefer a decent sized chicken slice rather than finely sliced chicken. Its like eating sashimi, i like a nice decent chunk! Okay back to the chicken.... the thigh on the other hand had a smoother texture compared to the breast. But breast meat is known to be rougher so cant complain much. I didn't find anything too spectacular about the chicken!

The rice on the other hand was really nice and fragrant! I enjoyed eating the rice more than the chicken.

The soup was really tasty and complimented the whole dish well! But soup is just the supporting actor in this dish.

The three condiments that came along with it was the ginger sauce, chilli sauce and the black sauce. Obviously it is all about the chilli sauce here. Firstly, i think the chilli sauce lacked garlic and lime, there wasnt great kick and oomph in the sauce. Chicken rice is all about the chilli sauce, the chicken and the rice. So they made it with the rice but the sauce and the chicken didnt do too great of a job.

No kidding, four sets of chicken rice and some sides! Wait till you hear about the price we paid for the meal.

We had three bowls of oyster suace bok choy and a bowl of taugeh.

The vege was nice and crispy but really, you cant get this wrong!

The beans sprout was nice and lively looking! It was crispy as well and taste wise, nothing too spectacular as it is afterall the supporting actor to the meal.

But all in all, we paid a whopping S$188 for the meal (4 sets of chicken rice, 4 side dishes, 1 coke, 1 house red wine, 2 green tea)! Is it worth the money paid? Although I didnt pay for it (got a treat) but I'd still feel the pinch! I can easily get something just as good if not better for S$4-5 bucks!? Does it live up to its name? In my opinion, it would have been great in the past but for the present/now!?! I think there are better chicken rice out there! But, having said that, I can at least say that yes i have tasted the legendary chicken rice (been there done that) but no I wont be returning anytime soon.


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