Aunty Betty Home - Chap Goh May Dinner

Doggie name "Roger"
 Doggie name "Alvin"
For your information, this two dogs belong to the neighbour, they just love Aunty Betty home, will come and scratch the door everyday just to get into the house because they can feel the warm heart of the people in this home. We were invited to have dinner together with aunty Betty family for Chap Goh May reunion 28th Feb 2010, dinner-free, value-priceless with a happy great family which you can feel the warm. The food was simple home cook style, simply delicious.
 Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables
 Lohon Chai
 Braised Pork with clam and oyster
 Dark Soy Sauce Ginger Chicken
 Fish Maw Soup
 Steamed Fish with Broth

Today Meditation:
Happiness is the greatest paradox in nature. 
It can grow in any soil,live under any conditions. 
It defies environment. 
The reason for thisis that it does not come from without but from within. 
Wheneveryou see people seeking happiness outside themselves, 
you can be sure they have never yet found it.

Forman Lincicom


Unknown said…
After eating out so often, sometimes nothing beats home cooked wholesome food. :)

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