ZOUK CAFE BAR @ The Gardens Midvalley City, Kuala Lumpur

Zouk Cafe Bar
Ground Floor, The Gardens
Hours: 10am-12midnight (Mon-Wed) 10am-1:00am (Thurs-Sun)
Food: 2/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 9/02/2010
Attracted by the banner of Zouk Cafe Bar, we planned to check out the new place. Does Zouk sounds familiar? Yup, it is one of the popular club in KL. Zouk Club and Zouk Cafe Bar are from the same group. That's why we were curious with the food serves at Zouk Cafe Bar.

The ambiance and the interior design of the cafe is very nice and comfortable but as a foodie, we are not here to talk about the nice decors.
2 x Ginger Ale, RM6 and Fruit Juice (Tall), RM16
 Steak Sandwich, RM21.90
We wanted to order the Burger which is listed as Zouk's Favourite. BUT, IT WAS NOT AVAILABLE! The waitress told us that it was sold out. How can it be? All the banners we saw around Midvalley were showing the Burger and it was even included in their promotional menu. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

I ordered the Steak Sandwich instead. My sandwich was first to arrives, obviously, we were amazed by the size of the sandwich. It was so HUGE that I can finished it in a few bites!! I don't mind paying a hefty price provided that it is good. However, the steak was a little bit overcooked although I had ordered it to be medium done. It was so chewy that I can hardly bite. Not to mention, the steak was so small and thin. BAD.
 Prawn and Fruit Salad, RM18.90
Half-way through my meal, the Prawn and Fruit Salad arrived. Guess how long Terrence had waited for the salad? I never know. The portion was small but since it is an appetizer dish, it is still acceptable. Apart from the prawns that wasn't fresh and the avocado which was very hard and tasted like guava, the taste of the salad was still okay. The dressing was quite nice.
Flaming Rib Eye, RM45.90 
After my Steak Sandwich arrived, we had lost our expectation for the serving portion of the Flaming Rib Eye. It took almost an hour for the dish to arrived. Taste wise, so-so. Nothing to shout home about. We had totally lost our excitements towards the food. It is just a place to hang out for a drink, not the food.
 Total Damages for tonight, RM126.15
Non-Smoking area
Smoking Area
Open Kitchen Concept
Clubbing and Modern Bar Concept Interior


Snifff said…
Whatever you do, dont try their cheesecake! Thats cause i had it at the Zouk outside Zouk KL before clubbing =P it was disgusting at that time! But could possibly taste good now?

I wont bother trying this place out!
I cant tolerate poor service and slow food!
I guess this is the latter!

Happy CNY!
Angeline said…
Haha, thank you for sharing your bad experienced as well, they can spend so much on the reno. Why don't they serve a better quality food.

Happy Chinese New Year dear :)
Unknown said…
Zuok Cafe Bar better take action to improve their food quality. Or they are gonna be in trouble. Sooner or later, after everyone trying their food and with word of mouth spreading in a couple of months, no one will want to eat there anymore. The salad was really tiny, I must admit, at over RM18 bucks, not really worth it. :( But I have not regrets for trying this place. :) I can accept some dissapointment in a new restaurant but I will not accept not trying. hehehe ;)
Anonymous said…
totally agreed about the poor and slow service in Zouk cafe. Me and my friends waited for 1 hour 20 mins for our food and drinks. we will never patron this outlet again. sucks!

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