Ying Ker Lou (Hakka Restaurant) @ The Gardens Midvalley City

Flying off to KL at 12:30pm flight Air Asia
Monday morning, 8/2/10, while we were waiting for our flight, we dropped by at KFC for a quick meal. Can't wait to reach KL and meet Mikey. Of course, at the same time, have some good food too!!
When we reached KL, it was after working hours, everywhere seems to be having heavy traffics. We were tired and exhausted. Without thinking much, we went to a new restaurant at The Gardens for dinner. Ying Ker Lou is a Hakka restaurant which just recently open. The interior design of the restaurant is quite special.
Ying Ker Lou
Lot S 231 & 232, Second Floor
The Gardens Midvalley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2284 8480  Fax: 03-2284 8481
Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3.5/5
Visit reviewed: 8/02/2010
Since my mum and brother were busy with their job, just me and my sister were having dinner together. We saw quite a lot of Hakka famous dishes in their menu which included the Tung Poh Rou, Braised Pork with preserved vegetables, Braised Pork with Yam, Chinese Vinegar and Ginger Pork Leg and Steamed Pork with salted fish. We couldn't order much, just ordered a noodle and a rice which seems to be their specialty.
Starter: Steamed Peanuts
Mushroom Bantiao, RM12.00
The Mushroom Bantiao is a Chef's recommendation dish. It is a vegetarian dish. The soup was good, sweet and savoury. I like the Bantiao but couldn't finish it as the portion was quite big.
Hakka Pounded Tea, RM14.90
The Hakka Pounded Tea or well-known as Lei Cha is one of the must-try dish if you happen to go to a Hakka restaurant. It comes with a choice of brown rice or white rice to go with the variety of cooked vegetables, bean curd, peanuts and fried shrimps. The most important element of Lei Cha is the soup which are pounded from a consortment of tea leaves and herbs. Before we eat, the soup will be pour into the vegetables and rice.

Taste wise, it was good. The herbs taste wasn't very strong which is quite acceptable to most people. It is a nutritious meal and I quite like it. The serving portion was quite big as well and we couldn't finished it.
Choices of white rice or brown rice

Total paid for dinner for 2 with drinks, RM41.30
Hakka Penchai, RM188 (4-5 pax Small) RM348 (8-10 pax Big)
Hakka Yam Abacus, RM17.00 ( I love this)
After our dinner, we went to Oyster King to get some take-away for my mom. It is one of my mom's favourite. They have some set meal which only cost RM9.80.
Fried Oyster

Wun Chai Ko
As we were waiting for our take-away from Oyster King, we noticed that the Korean's stall next to them, was crowded. Patrons can hardly find an empty table.


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