Sinario Cafe 2 (2nd visit) @ Alamesra

Sinario Cafe 2, Alamesra
Lot 10, Block 1
Tel: 019-861 8252/ 019-822 9359 (Catering Service)
Hours: 6am-2am
Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 7/02/2010
My intention for 2nd visit cause I wanted to try out their western food. As I arrived, I can see many table still haven't been serve, so I gotta order some satays and bbq chicken wings, in case of long wait.  Food was served about 20 mins later, their boss not here today, working performance a bit slow today. My Beef Steak was not bad but the meat a bit fat, I like the serving portion and the curry chicken was good, if only you like the spices flavor of Indian curry. ABC special, not special at all, just sago, 4 pcs of watermelon and corn only, syrup bandung flavor. Satays and Chicken wing was not bad.
3 pieces of BBQ Chicken Wing, RM4.50
10 sticks of Chicken Satay, RM6.00
ABC Special, RM4.00 and drink Lime Juice, RM2.00
Curry Chicken Pot with Rice, RM10.90
Sinario Beef Steak, RM14.90
Total paid for tonight dinner, RM42.30
For Catering Service


Unknown said…
Good to hear you are recovering from your flu. Take it easy. Welcome back to food blogging. :)

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