Ristorante Pizzeria GRAZIE Cafe @ Plaza Wawasan

Ristorante Pizzeria GRAZIE Cafe
Lot 2-1-30G, Ground Floor, Level 1, Plaza Wawasan
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Owner and Chef: Salvatore Marcello
Tel: 019-8606398
email: graziekk@yahoo.com
Food: 5/5
Services: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Visit reviewed: 5/02/2010
One of our gym's member, Helenah, recommended us to try out Grazie which is located at Wawasan Plaza. Although we had been staying in KK for quite some times, this was the first time we heard Grazie. Out of our curiosity, we decided to check out the place.

It is an open-air restaurant. The setting is simple but comfortable. While waiting for our food to arrive, we enjoyed looking at the car passing-by and people walking around. Very relaxing ambiance.
We ordered the Minestrone Soup, Spaghetti Pugliese and Vegetariana Pizza. The chef is an Italian guy who used to worked at Bella Italia.We ended up our meal with a dessert. Tiramisu.
 Minestrone Soup, RM9.80
The Minestrone Soup was good. Rich in flavours. I enjoyed it very much.
 Spaghetti Pugliese, RM19.80
The Spaghetti Pugliese was delicious. Al-dente! So far, this is the first time I'm having al-dente pasta in KK. Most of the restaurant in KK had overcooked the pasta. The dressing was fragrantly good. Pure Italian taste.
 Pizza Vegetariana (S), RM19.80
The Vegetariana Pizza was great, baked thin crust just the way I like it. It was flavourful too.
 Tiramisu, RM9.80
The Tiramisu was creamy with strong Vanilla and Coffee taste. Simply delicious!
Tonight Dinner, RM62.40 + (add on order, dessert RM9.80 + 10% service charge)
Very relaxing ambience
Selection of wine
Food freshly prepare by Chef
Some part of the Menu
Promotion going on now!

Today Meditation:
Half the joy of life is in the little things taken on the run.
Let us run if we must, even the sands do that,
but let us keep our hearts young and our eyes open
that nothing worth our while shall escape us.

Victor Cherbuliez


Aya Nina said…
I've been meaning to go to this place for years and never have i once stepped a foot in it. hahahaha. thank you for the review. will go and try the tiramisu and add more fat!!!!! XD
Helenah said…
I'm glad your guys liked Grazie.. Its my favourite italian restaurant in town.
Angeline said…
Fara, when you go Grazie, take more food photos, ok. Contribute come post to our food blog, you can write well!

Helenah, thank you for your recommendation, can't think of any place to go anymore. See you in yoga class after our CNY holiday, we are going back to KL but do follow our blog, this time KL food, haha. Ciao!
Anonymous said…
can u try out the italian+french+american cuisine at "Little Kitchen Restaurant" nearby the Dewan Masyarakat KK near the KK police station, it is said that their oxtail soup and lambshank are very very good and tasty! :)
Anonymous said…
Hey guys.. now they've moved to Suria Sabah, 3rd floor. Food service is fast, food is yummy compared to Little Italy at gaya street. As at 12042014. A must go for Italian food lovers. Grazie!

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