Hutong @ Lot10, Kuala Lumpur

Early in the morning, we went to Lot 10 Hutong for breakfast. We were actually trying to avoid the lunch time crowds. Lot 10 Hutong is one of the must-stop destination for food lovers and tourists. It features 25 street food stalls selling famous local Chinese cuisine which had survive at least 50 years. Sound interesting? Read on to find out more...
While we were there, we were spoiled by choices. All of the food looks so tempting and delicious. After turning around for few times, finally I decided to ordered the Hokkien Mee which is one of the hot-pick during peak hours. Most of the time you will have to stand in a long queue just to wait for your turn to arrive. Since I'm lucky to be there early, I took the chance to try it out.
The Hokkien Mee cost RM8.90 after tax. They used the traditional way to fry the noodle. It was fried with pork lard by using charcoal burner. It tasted fragrantly good. Although it  is a sinful food but I really couldn't resist myself from polishing the whole plate of noodle. It was one of the long lost taste that I missed so much. Delicious!
Charcoal Burner
One of Monica's favourite is Wantan Noodle. When she saw the Char Siew(BBQ Pork) at Ho Weng Kee, she knew that it would be good.
The Char Siew Wantan Noodle cost RM8.30 after tax. Needless to say, it was good. The Char Siew was sweet and tasty. The noodle was springy and the sauce was rich in flavour with a hint of ginger taste.
There are very generous with the Char Siew. The Wantan soup was not bad as well.
After having the noodle, I was tempted to stop by at the You Tiao's stall.
I ordered the Hot Soya Bean Drink which cost RM3.05. Taste wise, it was good. Strong bean taste and less sweet.
Another must-try stall if you happen to be there is the Campbell Mini Popiah. The original stall is actually located at Lorong Tiong Nam since 1970s. The popiah comes with three choices of skin; normal popiah skin, egg skin and lettuce skin.
When we made our order, the uncle was very friendly and seems to be enjoying himself preparing the homemade popiah. We ordered the normal popiah and the egg skin popiah.
Since we were early, we grabbed the chance to take the photos of them preparing the popiah.
The normal popiah cost RM2.30 before tax and the egg popiah cost RM2.70 before tax. It was good. Sauce was being poured to the popiah before it was serve. I personally love the Egg popiah.
After our breakfast, we took the chance to snapped some photos of the stalls available at Lot 10 Hutong to share with our blog's viewers.

Duck King is one of the stall that had received good compliment from Chua(famous food critic).
Taiwan cuisine is also available at Lot 10 Hutong.
Le Porc Dor serves rice with dishes such as steamed pork with salted fish. They have some value set lunch as well.
Mo Sang Kor Bak Kut Teh is one of the instantly recognized name in Malaysia. They serve good Klang's Bak Kut Teh.
There is also a stall selling Penang famous street food.
I guessed the Pork Noodle is also a must-try dish as we saw Tran Sri Francis Yeoh having the Pork Noodle while we were there.
Promodoro is one of the food chain from Singapore. They serve Italian food such as spaghetti.
Berrylicious serves desserts and drinks
  Bistro Bavaria, English food, beers and alchoholic beverages
Soong Kee Beef Noodles is another famous stall. It is actually located at downtown Kuala Lumpur since World War II. It is well-loved for its Hakka noodles topped with beef or pork minced meat sauce served with a bowl of handmade beef ball soup.
Luk Yu Tea House is well-known for it dim sum
Hon Kee Famous Porridge. It is famous with it fish porridge.
Mini Wok serves Thai cuisine
Western Foodtrend
Mr. Siew Bao serves a variety of pastries. The Siew Bao is the must-try dish.
Kong Tai is from Singapore. It is one of the popular stall in Lot 10 Hutong which had always attracted long queue. Cook with pork lard and flavor superior soup using special fish (picture below)
For Chicken Rice's lovers, Ipoh Chicken Rice's stall is something not to be miss.
Another well-known name in Malaysia, Lammeeya. They serves very good Lam Mee and Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun.
Today Meditation:
I have walked with people whose eyes are full of light but who
see nothing in sea or sky, nothing in city streets, nothing in
books. It were far better to sail forever in the night of
blindness with sense, and feeling, and mind, than to be
content with the mere act of seeing. The only lightless dark
is the night of darkness in ignorance and insensibility.
Helen Keller
If we can see, we take what we see for granted. If we can hear, we take things like music and the wind in the trees for granted. If we can taste, we take flavors for granted. We work ourselves into a state of ignorance of the true nature of things, and we lose our ability to see past the surface of people and things. Being busy and being in a hurry can make this process even more drastic. Since we're not physically blind, we should take full advantage of the gift of the sense of sight and actually see the world in which we spend our lives.


Unknown said…
I am soooo gonna try this place. Wish this place was in Mid Valley. Getting to Lot 10 takes some planning to avoid the traffic. Must think about a good entry and exit plan. ;) The traffic can be scary unless you do not mind sitting in the car listening to the radio.

Hokkien mee is also one of my favorite noodles. Not to worry Angeline, after eating it, you can simply burn it off in 1 spinning class. ;)

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