Funky Town Cafe Restaurant @ Damai

Funky Town Cafe Restaurant
Lot 46-0, Block E,
Damai Plaza, Phase 4,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088-236129
(Location: Next to Maple Cafe)
Hours: 11:00am-12:00midnight (Tuesday-Sunday)
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Visit reviewed: 5/2/10 and 5/03/2010 - "Dinner at Funky Town" (click here for latest post)
First of all, thanks to our fellow blog's viewers for following our blog and keeping us updated all the time. Recently, we received a comment about the new opening of Funky Town Restaurant in Damai. Hence, we decided to check it out.

A glance at the restaurant, it really felt comfortable. Oldies songs was being played by the vinyl records player when we were there. It is kind of relaxing. According to the owner, Mr.Raymond, he owned a hundred of vinyl records as his collection.
At first, we only ordered the Lemonade and 100 plus but the owner highly recommended us to try the Yogurt Mango Smoothies. Although we were allergic to Mango, we decided to give it a try. It was good. It was made from pure mango and yogurt with no artificial colouring or flavour. This should be a must try for Mango's lovers.
I ordered the Fried Meehoon with Seafood (Wet). It cost RM9.90. It was one of the new dish in the menu. Taste wise, it was good. To me, I had always like my fried noodle to be cooked in fierce fire, as Chinese always said 'Wok Hei'(the burning taste from the wok). This Fried Meehoon with Seafood had the taste that I like. The fish was quite fresh as well.
Angeline ordered the Beef Tenderloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce. It cost RM18.90. The Beef Tenderloin Steak was quite thick. It was good too. Overall, it was well-cooked, only a small part of the meat was a little bit overcooked but still acceptable.
Our dining experience today was good. Good food, good service with nice ambiance. Honestly, I like this place more than Upperstar.
A note to be taken; Do you notice that Halo Cafe had been closed down? The band that used to played at Halo Cafe had move to Funky Town. Besides this, during the evening hours when no music bands around, talented band's players and singers are welcome to show-off their talents too.
Below are the Menu of Funky Town. The prices are reasonable.
Specialty: Lamb Chop and Grilled Chicken
Specialty: Mushroom Soup and Cheese Toast
Specialty: Wine Chicken Rice
New Noodles Menu, Top order: Crispy Meehoon


Anonymous said…
o my, ur blog is superb!! now can i choose a good eatery place 2 eat with my family or my friends. Good job!!=)
Monica said…
Thanks. Please continue supporting the blog.
chongerin said…
Salmon salad is a must in this place, I tried several times and really really liking it :)

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