Fukurou Japanese Restaurant (2nd visit) @ Damai

FUKUROU Japanese Restaurant
Block B, Lot 19, Ground Floor, Damai Point,
Off Jalan Damai, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: 088-254778
Hours: Mon-Fri, 11:30am - 2:30pm and 6:00pm - 10:00pm (Sun and Public Holiday)
Food: 5/5
Services: 5/5
Ckeanliness: 5/5
Visit reviewed: 14/01/2010 and 4/02/2010
After trying out a few Japanese restaurants in KK, Fukurou is still in our toplist for Japanese food. We couldn't have enough of it and a second visit plan had comes to our mind. Since Jack, our very strict food critic, haven't had a chance to try it out yet, we decided to bring him along.

After we  made our orders, we were surprised to saw Banes and her family sitting at one of the corner table in the restaurant. They were having their dinner too. Angeline went over to their table and greeted them. Much to our surprise, they pay for our bill too. Thank you very much, Banes and her hubby!
 Maki Ono (Unagi and Egg), RM15.90
Jack had never been a fan for Unagi and I had never seen him eating Unagi. However, this Maki Ono might had changed his perception about Unagi. It was good and we love it! It doesn't have the fishy smell that Jack hate. Juicy, creamy and tasty.
 Sushi, Free
 California Roll, Free
 Salmon Skin Sushi Roll, RM10
 The Salmon Skin Sushi Roll was another dish that deserved a good compliment. It was tasty. Kudos to the chef! Again, he had successfully created a delicious dish.
 Grilled Salmon Fish Head, RM10.00
Grilled Salmon Fish Head had never been my thing. It is one of Angeline's favourite. They were having a promotion now and the dish only cost RM10. Yes, it is just RM10! Taste wise, it was good. No fishy smell, the fish was very fresh. Grilled with some sweet sauce which tasted really good.
 Fukurou Set, RM45.90
Jack ordered the Tempura Set and I ordered the Saba Set. Both sets comes with Sashimi, salad, Chawanmushi, Miso Soup and an appetizer. They had kept their standard very well. The Sashimi was thickly cut and very fresh. Not to forget the Chawanmushi, salad and Miso Soup was tasty as well. Even Jack had nothing to complain about. Thumbs Up! My Saba was very fresh too. Although the skin was a little bit too salty, but overall taste, it was still good.
Salmon Sashimi
 Fukurou Set, RM45.90
The Tempura was good. Crispy and not oily. Simply delicious! I really had nothing to complain about.
 Thick and Fresh, melt in your mouth
 Tsukimi Soba, RM13.90
When Angeline order the Tsukimi Soba, we were doubt that it would be good. But just  for the sake of  finding some new resources to blog, we had to try. Fortunately, it was good. The soup was very different from what we had tried at other Japanese restaurant. I guessed there might be extra ingredients added to the soup instead of just plain Miso or Dashi soup.
Pudding, Free
 Total for dinner RM109.20
Special Thanks to Banes and her Hubby, they settle our bill. Fuh! Paiseh! 
Chinese New Year Decoration

Today Meditation:
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Anonymous said…
Not sure if this is only a one time encounter. The softshell crab in spider maki was cold and with 'oily' smell. We ordered the beef which has strong 牛骚味. It's not as good as you mentioned. Hopefully it is a one-time thing.
Ken said…
Just a two cent from me...
Although i've never been to this restaurant, but 5/5 rating for all the aspects makes me feel like 'WOW, is that really THAT good?'.

I heard my Japanese sensei said that Nishiki serves the MOST original & less localised Japanese foods in town.
Angeline said…
Thank you for sharing and visiting our food blog. The rating is mainly based on our own tastebud and our experienced of visit.
We have tasted some of the best Japanese restaurant in KL e.g. Kampachi, Benkay japanese restaurant and etc, so we just rate based on our own tastebud. We are not a food critic, this blog is just to give people more places to venture for their food journey, not always dining at the same old place.
You're right most people prefer Nishiki!
Thank you Ken, hope you can suggest us some places that we have not visited. Good day!

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