Dinner at K.Knabalu Home

Having home-cooked meal again. It had been quite some times since Jack had mom's cooking. He missed it so much. Mom cooked some nice dishes for us, which included Jack's favourite steamed chicken with ginger and shallots sauce, Angeline's favourite Chinese sausages and my favourite steamed fish. We polished-off most of the dishes. Next week, we gonna work out hard again!!
Steamed Kampung Chicken
The chicken textures was very nice. Good to be eaten together with the ginger and shallots sauce. Fragrantly good and we couldn't have enough of it.
Ginger and Shallots Sauce
Stir-fry Mushrooms with Cauliflower
Mom cooked the cauliflower and set aside. Then, stir-fry the mushrooms with garlic and oyster sauce and poured on top of the cauliflower. Not oily and very healthy dish.
Choy Sum with Oyster sauce
Chinese Sausages
Lotus Roots and Chicken Soup
The soup was boiled for few hours. Lotus roots soup is good to removed heatiness. It is good for us to drink during hot weather.
Steamed Fish Nyonya Style
Mom steamed the fish and cooked the sauce separately. When the fish is cooked, the sauce will be pour on top.


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