Dinner at KK Home on CNY Day 6

Since mum is here, she gonna cook for us everyday unless I stop her, I think cooking is her hobby. Well, she was out with her friend in KK for whole day but will come back an hour before dinner time to do the cooking. I didn't see her home that much, morning out yumcha and go market with friends and later at noon friend's come picke her up for yumcha again. But at night we will have dinner and watch TV together. I request her not to cook so many dishes, been eating heavy meal almost everyday, so she cook less dishes today.
 Roasted Chicken (signature dish for tonight)
 Stir-fried Spinach
 Tofu and Broccoli with dry scallop
 Steamed Fish
 Raddish Soup
Dessert, Green Beans with Seaweed


Anonymous said…
hi, i think your mom are good cook! u guys should learn this from her :)
Angeline said…
We can cook but we have a lot work to do, other then teaching classes, 24hrs also not enough. We prefer to relax, have a nice sit down dinner and let people serve us and get their hands dirty. Also because of this food blog, we have to eat out and continue searching for places to eat, explore more, hopefully can bring you all some great information about food in KK :)
Thank you for your compliments to mum!

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