The Warung & My walking journey back to Northpoint @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, on my way walking home from the gym, I decided to make a stop at The Warung for breakfast. Mum said their food no good, but everytime I pass by I saw full of patrons. Such a long time I haven't eaten nasi lemak, gonna order, malay kuih look interesting, will get it - take away and Milo Ice special look good, ok that's my order for breakfast. I like their setting, looks like old school, all those table and chair.Food wasn't bad at all, in fact very good, especially the nasi lemak, mum was wrong or maybe they t ake from a different supplier now. Great breakfast, time to head home now.
Milo Ice, RM4.00
6 pcs Kuih Melayu, RM6.00
Nasi Lemak, RM2.50
Breakfast-Amount paid: RM13.15

Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Just done my workout, walking home from Celebrity Fitness at Level 3 Northcourt Midvalley
Journey started from the gym, heading home - Northpoint
 To the escalator, looking at Level 3 Food Junction (Food, food food everywhere)
Making a stop here at The Warung for breakfast
Right turn, to KTM Train Station, Fruit Stall, Newspaper Stand and Rotiboy Bakery (below)
Direction to Northpoint
Connected Bridge on 1st Floor Midvalley Northcourt to Northpoint Offices and Residences
Northpoint Office Building and Residences
From Northpoint - Looking across, Boulevard Hotel, Midvalley Northcourt and Robinson, The Gardens
Bistro Kanpei
Florist Shop
Courier Service Centre and Laundry Shop
ATM Machine down Block A
Pick up area at Lobby
Lobby Reception Counter
Sony Service Centre down Block B
Garden down Northpoint Lobby area

At 2:00pm, making a move to KL Sentral, getting a taxi from there to LCCT Airport (from KL to LCCT Airport budget taxi fare RM90, Premium Taxi RM130. Arrived LCCT at 3:30pm, 30minutes queued up to check in, baggage overload 5kg (charges paid RM75). Then I check in to the Departure Hall, having my late lunch at Buy & Fly Cafe before taking my medicine, sick...sick. I hate taking Air Asia, cause of last minute booking too expensive to take MAS , no choice.
Maggi Mee, RM7.90 and 100PLUS, RM3.50
Flight delayed 30mins, arrived Kota Kinabalu at 8:15pm


Anonymous said…
i am a frequent patron to the warung in mid valley as I kinda enjoy the food there but what makes me very pissed off today is when one of the staff shouted at us. this staff just marched to us and act like a gangster and shouted at us at our table as if we did not pay for our food. He demand to see our receipt which unfortunately we did not take the receipt from the cashier. this is totally unacceptable as we are totally embarrassed being shouted at in front of so many other customers. We are not going back to this place again, ever, and we will tell whoever we know not to patron to this place anymore. Such poor customer service....
Angeline said…
Ooo..that's bad, I feel sorry for you. If I see this happen, I'll take photos and post it on facebook, don't worry I pass by Warung everyday. There are always another place to eat, KL food heaven. Thanks for dropping a comment :)

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