TONY ROMA'S @ Mid Valley

I went to the gym around 11:00am today, Celebrity Fitness at MidValley, they said the cycling class was all cancelled, so I went upstair cardio area, did running  for an hour, burned 55o calories. As I passing by the cycling studio, saw Alex (Spinning Master Trainer), 12:15pm class is onn, so I decided to join but I was quite tired after an hour of running, just did my best, is hard to cycle with running shoe, not used to it. Not too bad burned another 350 calories. Took a shower then head for lunch, I had burger in mind, this time gonna have Tony Roma's burger, maybe this weekend I'm going fo Chili's, haha, fattening and unhealthy food for holiday.

Set Lunch- Main Meal, Soup, Bread and Soft drink (RM22.90 + 5% + 10% = RM26.35)

Tomato Beef Soup
Bread and Butter
Coke Light
Roma's Burger Set Lunch, RM22.90

Juicy Beef Patty melt in your mouth, medium done
Food: 5/5
Services: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5


Unknown said…
I have not had a burger ever since I gained 5kg about 3 months ago due to not going to the gym because of late work, outstation trips, stress, irregular meals and late dinners. Really miss the burgers.
$ronco$ said…
Luckily you mentioned in the photo that its bread and butter, if not, I would have thought the white stuff is Ice cream..hahaha
Angeline said…
Terence, I think stress made you put on weight and also lack of rest or sleep. Eat healthier, me bad example

Jack, hahaha, you really made me laugh until stomach aching, ice cream???? haha
Aya Nina said…
Angeline! Try the dessert - Chocolate Avalanche at Tony Roma's! XD
Angeline said…
Fara, I'm so full just to finish the set lunch, I need someone to share the dessert with me, haha. Thanks for the suggestion, will not miss to place an order for the dessert next time ;)

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