Tastebud @ Damai

Still without any settlement done to my Dell's netbook and I'm planning to file-up the case to Consumer Tribunal, I've no mood to venture around for food hunting. When Angeline suggested to go for Dim Sum at Tastebud, which we always saw the banner when passing around Damai's shoplots, I agreed.
Surprisingly, the only Dim Sum that available was Siew Mai (Pork Dumpling) and we had no choice but to eat the Sandakan noodle or fried noodle. We ordered a Siew Mai, Sandakan noodle(soup), Sandakan noodle(dry) and Wat Tan Ho.

When a dish doesn't look good, it doesn't attract you to eat it too. This is what happen to the Siew Mai. Although the taste wasn't bad, but it wasn't outstanding though. Just an average taste Siew Mai.

The Sandakan noodle have a strong egg's aroma and it was very springy. When I eat the Sandakan noodle(dry), I can tasted the sauces filled with pork's flavour. I'll prefer the noodle with soup. Although the overall taste was just average, I quite like the textures of the noodle and the dumpling with preserved egg.

Siew Mai

Sandakan Kon Lau Mien

Sandakan Soup Noodle

Wat Tan Hor

Total damages for our lunch, RM23.20
Food: 2/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5


Melanie said…
which part of damai is this restaurant located? would like to try out the mee.. ;)
Monica said…
It is located at the opposite shoplots from YOYO cafe or more specifically, next to Mr.Bread.

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