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Suria Sabah Shopping Mall Kota Kinabalu

$ronco$ Sunday, April 11, 2010 , , ,

Visit reviewed: 10th April 2010

We drop by Suria Sabah for lunch at Kuo Man Restaurant (Famous Kopitiam in KK serving  Beef and fish noodle) and 5 Star Chicken Rice (Famous restaurant, few branches around KK) on Level 3 Suria Food Court which open recently and to Times Bookstore, thought of updating the post of Suria Sabah as well, so we walk around and snap some photos, updating on the shops that are in operation for business. Saturday and Sunday parking is free!

The Directory at Information Counter
Lower Ground Floor
Metrojaya Men's Department at LG
 Converse at LG
 Focus Point (chain store from KL) at LG
 Kenny's Roger Roaster at LG
All the fast food located at this level
Log on to the link below for visit reviewed 

 The Chicken Rice Shop at LG
 Pizza Hut and KFC at LG
 Big Apple Donut at LG
 Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa at LG

Ground Floor
Main Entrance also located here
Secret Recipe at Ground Level as well but the entrance is from outside which you can see from the main road, not sure if you there's another entrance inside the Mall
 VOIR at Ground Floor
 The Body Shop at Ground Floor
 L'Occitane at Ground Floor
 Metrojaya Osmetic Department at Ground Level
 Levi's at Ground Level
 Metrojaya Promotian Booth at Ground Level
 Lazo Diamond Promotion Booth at Ground Level
Habib Jewel at Ground Floor

1st Floor
 Cotton Place on 1st Floor
 Bata Shop on 1st Floor
Souveniar's Booth on 1st Floor
 Ocean Collection on 1st Floor
 Metrojaya Women's Department at 1st Floor
Cafeteria in Metrojaya??? Interesting, going to check it out.
Strudel's from KL, served good apple strudel and blueberry strudel, RM7.80 per piece
 Strudel's Cafe at Metrojaya Level 1
 The Mod House at 1st Floor
 Voir Galleria at 1st Floor
 Fabiano Ricco on Level 1
 Skin Food on Level 1
 Soda on Level 1
 Heat Wave and Tarra Shop on 1st Floor

2nd Floor
 Ogawa on Level 2
 Metrojaya Home's Department on Level 2
 Directory of Metrojaya
 Home's Department
 Harmonic AV on Level 2
 Joy's Collection (Wedding Card and Celebration Card) on 2nd Floor
 Times Bookstore on 2nd Level
 HKV Computer Shop on 2nd Floor

3rd Floor
 Little Me on 3rd Level

 Sportmart on 3rd Floor
 Sportmart on Level 3
 Reject Shop on 3rd Floor
 Cosway on Level 3
 Natural Green House on 3rd Floor
 GNC on Level 3
 Eu Yan Sang on 3rd Floor
 Digi at Level 3

Suria Food Court
Click here Suria Food Court posted on 17th Jan 2010

Previous visit to Suria Sabah on 4th Dec 2009

Visit reviewed: 4th Dec 2009

Yeay!! There is a new mall in town!! To those of you who have not been there yet, here are the lowdowns of the mall.

Shops that are now open
Metrojaya, Kenny Rogers, Pizza Hut, KFC, Hush Puppies, Obermain, 3 Dots, Sinma, Lazo Diamond, Habib, Elianto, Bata, Fabiano Ricco, Voir (2 floors), Little Me, Reject Shop, Eu Yan Sang, GNC

Shops that are yet to open
Imperial Optic, Hush Puppies, Fong Sang Yik, Converse, Multi Bake, Focus Point, Natural Kitchen, The Chicken Rice Shop, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Big Apple, Swatch, Levi’s, Secret Recipe, L’Occitane, Body Shop, In Fashion, Glitz de Boutique, Black Queen, Ms Read, The Mod House, Heat Wave, Tarra, Times Book Store, Joy Greeting, Harmonic AV, Ogawa, Natural Green House, Sport Mart, Suria Foodcourt

I guess the main highlight of Suria Sabah is Metrojaya. It may only be me, but I sense an overflowing of grandeur for a chain store that has long since lost its shine since its first store opened in the 70’s.

LG Floor: Men’s Apparel, Men’s Shoes, Men’s Basic
Grnd Floor: Cosmetic, Fragrance, Costume, Jewelery, Ladies’ Shoes, Ladies’ Bags
1st Floor: Ladies’ Apparel, Lingeries, Junior Casual Fashion, Sport Wear, Cafeteria
2nd Floor: Living Quarters, Kid’s Fashion, Kid’s Footwear, Infant, Toys

Suria Foodcourt on 3rd Floor, Now Open! Click here for the link Suria Foodcourt

When you do make that trip to Suria though, do be extra careful as the mall (apart from within Metrojaya) is far from complete. Bits of cements can still be seen, smeared across those hard to reach (but clearly visible) nook and cranny. Power Cables can still be seen dangling from the ceiling. 

Although there are quite a few shops open, but they are far in between. Whats in between them? well, empty shoplots, hence you would need to walk quiet a bit just to get to the next store. Walking can be a hassle too if you are wearing innapropriate footwear, as the tiles are the substandard slippery ones. Make sure your sole of your footwear is rubberised and not wooden soles.

Parking is foc for the first 2 hours with subsequent hours will cost you RM1 each. So a 5 hour shopping will take you back for RM2, a reasonable price to pay. However, with only a few shops open, I doubt you will go more than 2 hours.

If you don't like the crowd, then I would say it is worth the wait till the novelty wears down a bit, as there just isn't that much shops at the moment.

Once Upon A time (April 2006) 
Now in December 2009
Today's Meditation:
The hallmark of courage in our age of conformity is the capacity
to stand on one's own convictions, not obstinately or defiantly
(these are gestures of defensiveness, not courage) nor as a gesture
of retaliation, but simply because these are what one believes.

Rollo May

What do I believe, and what do I believe in? These aren't questions that are covered in school, usually. They aren't questions that we tend to be asked in job interviews or in casual conversation. Many people think that their beliefs are limited to religion--that their own personal ideas of what God is or isn't form the core of their belief systems. Many others adopt the beliefs of other people, especially religious leaders, as their own, as they seem to be unable to develop their own core beliefs and live by them.

Rollo is talking about living by our beliefs, but it's important that we have beliefs first. It's important that we recognize them and value them for what they are, and then put them into practice in our lives. If I believe that criticizing others in a negative way is bad, then not only must I not do that, but I have to state my beliefs when I see other people doing so. I don't have to attack them or tell them they're wrong or make them feel bad, after all, I may be wrong in my interpretation of a situation--but I do have to stand up for my convictions while respecting the fact that other people have other sets of convictions.

Today I must pay attention to what I see going on around me, and I have to be aware of how things fit with or contradict my convictions. I must see these things because our convictions always are a work in progress, and I can't refine them and allow them to evolve if I don't pay attention to them. Other people don't have to live their lives according to my convictions or beliefs, but if I don't live my own life according to them, then my life becomes much less rich, much less full, and I have only my own inattention to my beliefs to blame.

Perfect courage is to do unwitnessed what
we should be capable of doing before all the world.

La Rochefoucauld
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