Royal China @ Raflles Hotel, Singapore

Royal China is a top London based restaurant that has successfully breakthrough the Singapore market with its delicious and quality food. Royal China is well known for its signature dishes or so i heard from my other friends that have had the opportunity to dine in the London branch as well as the branch in Singapore. The crispy duck, roast suckling pig, lobster noodles and dim sum which is what we went for on lazy lazy Sunday afternoon. It is somewhat a tradition for the Chinese culture to have dim sum for branch on a Sunday right ?

As you walked into the colonial style building of raffles hotel which is also home to many other restaurants such as long bar, long bar restaurant, Doc Cheng, Empire's Cafe and many more; you already feel welcome with the environment and you already feel like you are not in the city. As you walk into the restaurant, you'll be greeted by very friendly wait staff at the entrance before you are seated. For the weekend, I'd highly recommend that you make a booking/reservation to ensure that you'll be able to enjoy your dim sum with no fuss (long waiting time).

The setting of Royal China @ Raffles is very chic, contemporary and vibrant at the very same time. I love the tiffany blue colours of the place with white chairs and tables. The best part of it is having dim sum with old school chinese music playing softly. All we needed then was just a beautiful cheongsam with made up hair to go back to the 30s. Okay sorry, i got carried away by my own imagination

Isn't the tiffany blue colour pretty ?

It is definitely different from the typical chinese restaurant that one would normally go for dim sum....where you have carts pushing around and you select what you want (which is something i enjoy as well because you get to visually look at the food before you decide, yeap this looks good i'll take it) instead here you order your dim sum or you can also select from the trays that are being carted around by the waitress.

I have decided to collage the pictures this time around, otherwise it would be a long post with big pictures staring at you and making you hungry even before lunch time.

We ordered a total of 11 dishes which is just sufficient. We were full but not disgustingly full where you cant move. After all, there were plans for desserts elsewhere if not a drink at the local bar nearby after lunch.

The 1st dish was the "char siew bo lo bao" which was served to us nice and hot. This was not something we ordered by what we picked of the tray as the lady said it is specially made only on Sundays... since the word special was in it, why not right? Well, I'd rate it 8/10 ! It was pretty good and the juicy char siew was just nice and sweet ..

The 2nd dish was the "char siew sou" which is probably one of teh best char siew sou i have tasted thus far. My friends and I agreed that it deserves a 9/10! It is that good because it was not and crispy on the outside but so deliciouly juicy and tasty on the inside. Argh the thought of it is making me hungry again.

3rd dish "Egg Tarts" Okay well the egg tart is nothing to shout about because i have definitely tasted much better egg tarts so this will be rated a 6/10. It was good but not the best. The filling was nice and creamy but the pastry was not burnt enough to my liking.

4th dish was some steamed custard egg yolk cake/thingy ... i dont know the exact name but this was really delicious. It was my first time tasting it and i love it. A very good blend of sweet and salty! We all agreed that it was a 9/10.

5th dish : Har Gao - it was average and nothing that screams wow that was tasty! So cant really rate something that doesnt scream out to you. A good har gao is when the skin is very light and transparent and thin and wrapped nicely and snuggily onto the prawn and when you put it in your mouth it just melts and the juices flow and you watch the fireworks happen in your mouth.

6th dish: Pork ribs - Again this is average.
7th dish: The chicken feet - okay this was good !
8th dish: Prawn Siu Mai with Caviar on it - It was good

9th dish: Wu kok or yam pastry thingy ! This was really really good! 9.5/10!
10th dish: Spinach fried roll with dipping broth - the broth was mild light and tasty 6.75/10
11th dish: Cha Leong or chinese doughnut wrapped in rice noodle "cheong fun" I have tasted much much much better tasty cha leong in Melbourne.
Overall the dining experience was good, the service was good and the food was good. It is a place where i will return if i crave for dim sum!
We paid S$60.00 inld GST and Service Tax
Opening Hours:LunchMonday to Saturday - 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm
Sunday and Public Holiday - 11.00 am to 2.00 pm
DinnerDaily - 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm

Reservations & Enquiry:
Tel: (65) 6338 3363
So how is everyone celebrating their christmas?
I am taking the evening flight home on the eve to be back in the comfort of my own home and be back in Singapore on Sunday! I am going to be so very busy at work the next 2 months so i apologise in advance if i "sniffer" do not update that regularly. I forsee long working hours ahead and wont have the luxury to dine properly.
Have you done all your christmas shopping?
Just a friendly reminder, it is exactly 3 days till Christmas! Ho ho ho!


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