Restoran Ria @ Damai

We continue or gastronomical adventure to an unassuming hawker at corner so often passed by yet virtually ignored. The hawker serves friend mee, and kuey tiao ala-penang. It doesn’t serve pork, and is cooked by a muslim, yet it gives no certification of its halal-ness, therefore, not advisable for our muslim friends to consume. The hawker is located at Kedai Kopi Ria (next to multi bake damai, and in the vicinity of burger king and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf).

However, like all establishment that lacks quality control, the food tend to be short of consistency i.e. it may taste good on one occasion, but the next time you go there, it may not taste as nice. (and extreme hunger plays no part, as I was moderately filled on both occasion)

It does however, offer a generous amount of shrimp (with its exoshell peeled and all!!!) but alas its freshness also vary from day to day. Like all hawker cooking, they are overly generous on oil, but a hard core foodie will dismay, as the cook doesn’t use animal lard. (Therefore some would say, lacks the oomph!!)

That is not to say this hawker is bad at all, as he is often seen having very little spare time during his business hours as he caters mostly for take-out customers. At the end of each meal you will realize the reason why. A big plate of kuey tiao with full of shrimp costs only RM4.50 (small plate costs RM4.00). A real bargain for KK food hunters (considering this is at night!!!) What it lacks in quality consistency, he makes up for in price. And you never know, you may get the elusive combo of great taste and value for money.


Ratings: 3.5/5
Food: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5


Mike's Place said…
I love the taste and the price. Value for money. He adds a lot of clams. What's your favourite Penang Char Koay Tewo place in KK?
Monica said…
So far, I'm still in search for the best Char Koay Teow in KK..Any suggestion?

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