RESTORAN CANTON-i @ The Gardens, Midvalley City, Kuala Lumpur

Cycling...cycling everyday, you all must be bored, repeatedly seeing the same word, haha sorry, that's my life. Thought asking mum and my brother to join me for breakfast, called both of them, no answer. Yeah, having breakfast alone, dim sum and wanton mee at Canton-i, same group as Dragon-i (famous with their La Mian and Siew Lung Pau), company origin from Singapore. Suprisingly their service have improve, bad experienced last time. Food are a bit pricy but quality control is good, you won't be disappointed. Didn't take much photos, bring my camera but forget to put back the SD card inside, with the built in memory I still manage to snap 6 photos and had to use my Nokia handphone camera to take a few more,  too absent minded sometime.

Roasted Meat all good

 Baby Piggy Bun (Red Bean), RM7.80
Steamed Prawn Dumpling, RM10.00
 Char Siu Wanton Mee, RM13.80
Softdrink, RM4.00 and Wet Towel, RM1.00
Amount paid for Breakfast, RM42.10
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 5/5


Unknown said…
Must try Canton-I one day. I like the way they make the piggy buns. Friggin cute. My favorite dim sum item is the steamed prawn dumpling. Everytime eat dim sum, I will order that. But RM10 bucks a pop for prawn dumplings! Yowza!!
Angeline said…
Yeah, Prawn Dumpling are pricy. Try their noodles and porridge.

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