Restaurant 131 @ Jalan Bundusan (Opposite vegetables Market)

It is just a few more days to go before New Year arrive. With holiday mood around, we are really getting out of idea of place to eat. Passing by Beverly Hills, we saw this Restaurant 131 and decided to give it a try.

Looking at the small crowds in the restaurant, we were not quite confident with their food. In addition, it took years for the boss to come over and take orders which really make us pissed off. However, the service of the staffs who serves the food to us were quite good which I think will deserve a compliment.

Come back to the food that we ordered, the Steamed Tilapia with Bean Paste Sauce were quite good. The fish is fresh and cooked to perfection. Although it is not the best in town but still worth a try. As for other dishes which were mostly recommended by the boss, tasted just average and nothing to write home about. In fact, I don't quite like the pork ribs because it was quite fat. Anyway, I will still be back for the seafood as I think it will be quite good and cheap.

Sai Yong Choi Soup, RM5.00 x 2 bowl

Sour Pickles Fried Pork Rib, RM12

Stir-Fried Fan Sue Miu with garlic, RM8.00

Steamed Tilapia with Bean Paste Sauce, RM26.00

Fruits, (F.O.C)

Dinner, Total bill: RM57.00
Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

Tel: 016 - 8471316

Restorant 131 @ Jalan Bundusan 
(Opposite vegetables Market)

Today Meditation
We do not receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves. I've uncover wisdom for myself. I think that the readings that I do help me to build a base from which I'm able to recognize and accept my wisdom much more readily and quickly, but the bottom line is that I do uncover my wisdom in the process of my journey through the wilderness, in the trials that I face, and in the obstacles that I overcome.

I can build knowledge simply by reading, but my wisdom is deeper and it must be built more slowly and carefully through experience.

Wisdom is not to be obtained from textbooks, but must be coined out of human experience in the flame of life.

Morris Raphael Cohen


Unknown said…
The pork ribs are fat. But it sure looks delicious in your photos. Yummy!!

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