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Greetings from Singapore once again! It is back to reality and i took the first flight out of KL from LCCT to Singapore Changi Airport this morning! How was your Christmas? I think Christmas is not only the season to be jolly and the season to be merry but It is also the season to feast and eat and perhaps gain a few happy pounds from all the sinfully good food ?! No?! Well in my case, it probably is.

Had a massive christmas lunch feast on Friday with my mom whipping up some amazing dishes but that's another post altogether.

Normally, I'll make a point to have my breakfast at OldTown Kopitiam when i am at LCCT, but my previous experience has told me that their service is very slow and the the food takes a long time to arrive. Seeing that I only had 20 minutes before departure, i thought I'll just give Theobrama Chocolate place a try. I have tasted it many times in Melbourne, I wondered if the coffee will taste just as good here in KL! The ambiance and setting is identical, i guess that is what a franchise is all about. Next is the quality of the food and drinks, well only had the chance to taste the coffee (Fair Lady Mocha)! It tasted just as good as i remembered it to be, well worth the money spent!

My fair lady mocha RM13.10
Theobrama Chocolate (next to MarryBrown)
LCCT Terminal Malaysi

I met up with a friend that visited from KL over brunch at PS. Cafe on 360 Orchard Road. It was a lovely lovely place to just chill out on a Sunday afternoon and the place really reminded me of Europe. Just that it was a piece of Europe nestled neatly in Singapore. Take a look at the interior of the place.

I like the decor of the place, check out the brick walls and the rustic feel to the furniture. The cafe overlooks a garden and its really very calming. You can choose to either seat indoor in the comfort of the aircond or outdoor! I love anything outdoor so i opted for outdoor sitting! Despite the hot humid environment, there is nothing that a good ceiling fan cant handle?! =)
Below is the Christmas special listed on the board, we did not order anything from the Christmas special board. Although now if i look at it, i would have probably gone with the grilled turkey burger =)
Isn't the outdoor environment lovely ? It overlooks greenery and i love the high ceilings! Check out the floorings (marble) and the rustic furniture! Everything just blends in so well. I think I am a sucker for anything that looks well put together.

Predictable me had to continue my search for the perfect eggs benedict! Well this was really good but definitely very expensive ! It was around S$24 !! But i guess I am also paying for everything else like their service and environment and ambiance? Although i must say that their service when it came to settling the bill, took the longest time! I had to walked myself to the counter to get someone to take my card or i could have easily walked out of the restaurant!! Easy! But of course integrity and honesty took the better part of me.

Back to the eggs benedict, yes the eggs was well poached! Exactly to perfection and can you see how colourful and busy the plate looked? Compared to my previous eggs benedict experience from Oriole's cafe! But i guess if i were to pay 10 bucks more Oriole could have made it nice and busy too!? =) I really enjoyed my meal! But definitely too pricey!
My friend had the big nihon salad which had this special cured salmon. The cured salmon was to die for, it was lovely and rich with the salmon taste! I enjoyed tasting from my friends plate but i resisted from stealing all the cured salmon! Never tasted cured salmon, but safe to say that it was Delicious! Price wise, it was roughly S$26

Thats how a cured salmon looks like! Nice deep maroonish red in colour! The dish comes with edamame beans and soba noodles as well as other salad! It is definitely a very healthy dish! My friend regret ordering such a healthy dish, he would have been happier having the big breakfast or the turkey sandiwch or other dishes in the menu ! Oh well, next time ? =)

Every table had flowers and i thought the flowers were lovely and it deserved a picture in this post =) I think the flower completed the whole feel of what PS cafe was trying to achieve.
We both had coffee! We ordered mocha and it was definitely more chocolatey than coffee... it would have been better if it was more coffee than chocolatey! Coffee was priced at S$6! First of all i have an issue with Singaporean coffee retailers pricing their coffee at such a high price! Seriously, all the coffee places i have been to price their coffee at such high price. (In melbourne, a cup of coffee averages around AUD 3 to AUD 4)
But my overall dining experience here was good. Despite the slightly pricier food and drinks, i think the place is lovely and the service could do a bit more with their attentiveness. But perhaps it was the weekend and it was busy, but i still think its not an excuse to not provide 100% service attentiveness at all time. Seriously waiting 15 minutes for your bill is a long wait, and having received the bill and waiting for them to collect it and they never did was even more unacceptable. But throughout the meal, the food came promptly (about 10 minutes wait and the coffee came in about 5 minutes after placing the order.

I'll definitely go back there to try out their other dishes.
But do have a look at their website for their other locations

Have a lovely week ahead and can you believe that we are approaching the end of 2009 and ushering in 2010? Have you set out your new years resolution? Does it involved going on a diet? I hope not. =)


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