PappaRich @ 3rd Mile Square, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

After dinner I ask Elaine and mum to go for dessert, I wanted to try PappaRich, check out why they're booming so fast and doing so well. Recently me and my friend check on their franchise capital-Wow! My jaw drop, RM1.5million. I was thinking Paul can start something like this in KK, cause he have all those great secret ingredients for food and I guess this is the concept he had in mind.
We order Cendul and ABC then one take away Nasi Goreng for my brother, food were slightly more expensived then outside but you pay for the comfort, so can spend more time going online and chit chatting here, or puffing your ciggarettes. I can see why they're so successfull,  spending large amount of  $$$ on interior renovation, staff training-very efficient, installing device on every table to call for bill/waiter, business computer system & software, and their menu, more variety, I took some pictures of their menu as well- you can just browse through later.
PappaRich ABC, RM5.50
Cendul with Ice Cream, RM5.80
Fried Rice Special, RM8.90 ( Total bill: RM20.75)
 Look at their choices of food to select on the menu, maybe that's one of the reason for their success!
Food: 3/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


Unknown said…
The prices looks pretty ok. Of course more expensive than hawker prices, but it is definately more affordable than,.... say Madam Kwan which I find the prices is pretty crazy and the food is not that fantastic. The laksa for RM8.90 is pretty decent and RM5.80 for ABC with Ice Cream not too bad. Must give Pappa Rich a try one day. The curry laksa looks nice from the menu picture. RM1.5 million for a franchise, I must admit, is pretty nasty. :P
Angeline said…
Food taste okok, but great place for catching up with friends.
Anonymous said…
The ABC looks great from the picture and I went try. The gula melaka in it was very rich... yum yum...

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