Oasis Foodcourt @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

I did an hour of Free-Style Cycling at Celebrity Fitness, Micheal class, he always put on a list of great music. Burned 550 calories, shower then window shop for a while, I don't really feel hungry but lazy to come out for food later so just eat something before I walk home, tonight have to go meeting around 9pm. Who said you can't get good food at Foodcourt, this two stalls I introducing guarantee you'll like it, located on the 2nd floor Centre Court "Oasis Foodcourt", next to all those IT Centre. You can tell they're good, always long queue and you can see every table having it. Pan Mee Stall is popular for their Soup Pan Mee, Kon Lau Pan Mee, Fried Pan Mee and Hakka Lui Cha, they also have other variety of noodle you can try.
Pan Mee Soup, Rm5.50
Hakka Lui Cha, RM6.80
Must Try this Chilli sauce goes well with Pan Mee

Portuguese Grill, another stall I guarantee good in this Oasis Foodcourt
Must Try, long queue at all time
Food: 4/5
Services: 2/5
Clealiness: 4/5

Christmas mood in MidValley City
Suddenly I felt really emotional walking through the mall seeing all this Christmas mood and decoration. I've never had a good time celebrating Christmas, I always felt lonely at this time cause I'm away from friends and family at this time either studying oversea, attending workshop or something else. I know to one of my friend Christmas is the most beautiful and meaningful time for her "White Christmas", I can never understand that feeling, maybe because I've never had one, I wish I had, wanted to feel it, it's beautiful.
Enough! Time to get over this emotional feeling, going to LG Floor to buy some drinks, replenishing my fridge.
As I walking to the supermarket, looking at all this tempting pastries
When J.CO. Donuts started here, the craze of donut begin, then come Big Apple Donut, follow by Krispy Creme, Dunkin Donut also add more variety and now donut everywhere. This QQ Ring are cheapest among all, under Jusco or La Boheme
Bread and pastries are cheap and good
Baked Cheese cake quite good
If you like Egg Tart, you must try this Tong Kee Egg Tart very famous since my shcool time, been passing on  a few generation, but I don't think is halal cause if  I'm not wrong they used lard. Try it you'll love it. You see all good food under one roof. Located outside the Liquor and Non-halal food section of JUSCO.


Unknown said…
I sometimes have dinner at Oasis with some friends before movies at GSC. The stall that I usually try is the Duck Rice stall. I think the Duck Rice is pretty good, if you like Duck. About 5-6 bucks. Yes, I agree, the grill fish stall is always packed. Last time, my friend had to wait 15 minutes for his grill fish to be ready. Must try the pan mee next time. Food at Oasis is way cheaper than the 3rd floor Food Court. Talking bout donuts, I think Krispe Kreme (brought in by Berjaya) is not too successful. Really not that many people. Many find their donuts a bit too sweet. Sweeter than J Co or Big Apple. Sometimes, on Saturdays also, I do not see that many people. More workers than customers. : P
Angeline said…
Ok, will try the duck rice next time. My brother said the Taiwanese Food on 3rd Floor near the Cinema is good and they've successfully expanding their business, many branches now. I agree, Krispe Kreme really to sweet, I prefer J.CO. Donut but thinking about 400-500 calories for 1 donut, I rather eat Burger or eat something more healthy and filling.

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