Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru @ Suria Sabah

Happy Boxing day!!!! Christmas is done and dusted. Now 2009 has a week left to go as we prepare to herald the new year with vigor and determination. 

The restaurant in question is Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kg. Baru. Originally a humble stall located at the iconinc Kampung Baru (a Malay kampung lifestyle in the heart of KL), it has grown into a franchise spreading to Bangsar, TTDI, Kota Damansara, and its latest Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.

Step into the restaurant and you will feel a marked contrast from its humble origins, as it is more akin to an international franchise with its commendably decor. A source of pride surely.
Nasi Lemak Ayam Masak Merah
My order was nasi lemak ayam masak merah. The chicken was nice and tantalizing your taste bud with their secret recipe that has lured customers since 1973. Monica's nasi lemak rendang kerang was not a disappointment, as the coconut milk was rich with flavour. She had a warm rice, which released a fair amount of aroma which they are famous for in the first place.
Nasi Lemak Rendang Kerang

Food: 4/5
Service: 1/5
Cleanliness: 2/5


HallyuSurfer said…
I actually dislike franchise restaurant..I rather go to a kedai kopi than going to one.

at least if you go to a kedai kopi you get for what you paid.. new restaurant especially make me mad because you're bound to get bad service!
$ronco$ said…
you're right. All franchisee expects the magic of mickey d's and kfc's to rub on to them overnight. Little do they realise behind these success stories lies a long, painful and sometimes fatal learning curve.

I'm not only referring to this particular joint, but that old town and olde station as well, which serve a somewhat overpriced food. tsk..tsk.. Inefficient use of limited resources, or lack of economies of scale?? beats me..Probably a case of attempting to run when you can barely walk. Malaysian franchising still have a lot to learn.
Anonymous said…
Hey there! Good website... I actually liked the food there. The service was not as efficient but I think it might be due to the insufficent staffing. But other than that, I have been there 3 times and everyday it gets better. Maybe you should give them the benefit of the doubt. And furthermore, if it's a franchise, it means everything is packed from the franchisor to them... I give them a 2/5 for service, but still 4/5 for food...

$ronco$ said…
Thanks JC,

I have mentioned that "With its extremely bad service aside....they do serve up a good nasi lemak"

Benefit of reasonable doubt has been accorded to them. However, the 3/5 takes into consideration the price of RM7.90 a plate. Granted, the price is inclusive of its hefty franchising fee.

FYI, I was a kitchen crew in an international franchise before and know very well that recipes come sealed direct from franchisor. However it is important to take note that you can never beat a food that is created with patience and love from a chef, rather than an unemotional droid emptying packets of ingredient into a dough mixer (as in yours truly many years ago)

Oh yes, you can practically count the grains of rice on your plate.

That said, even if it was given a 4 rating, it would overall still have an average rating of 2/5.

There's my 2 cents. What do the rest of you think?
Anonymous said…
All I can is I'm glad to see improvements in KK. Expensive or not, these franchise places brings a lot of job opportunities for the locals. Kalau dulu, mau minum Starbucks pun kena tunggu ada chance pigi KL dulu. Now, everything is practically right in front of our doorsteps.
I work with a 'franchised' establishment and unfortunately, memang barang2 yg di jual mahal (branding + location rent + harga barang)...

Sekarang harga barang mentah di sini mahal ooo!
For me, if I want to eat nasi lemak yang murah, masak sendiri la baru best. Tapi, kalau barang suda ada depan mata, what's RM7.90 untuk kasi kenyang perut sekali-sekala... Heh..


xoxo; Gossip Girl
Anonymous said…
i totally agree with Gossip Girl, for an introductory price of rm7.90, i think its cheap to get a telur+nasi lemak( with santan okay)+ ikan bilis+kacang+sambal+and topping of ayam, FYI, i recently went to pavilion satay bar and bought a set of 6 'cucuk' satay ayam plus 2 'cucuk' condiments and kuah kacang put all together in a cup, its delicious alrite, ive to pay for rm9.60 for just that, me, being a business graduate do understand that its menu cost is a formula of= raw ingredients cost+OVERHEAD+profit+(sales/serivice tax if any). i dont know about you but bear in mind that, raw material cost in KK is way expensive than KL and FYI, rm7.90 is the price that i paid when i eat at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kota Damansara KL , which simply means what? you do the math..:)
Monica said…
Wow...seems like the topic is getting more intense now. Actually, I'm from KL and I know the prices of the food in KL and KK. I can say that the nasi lemak is actually not bad but the RICE portion is extremely small.

Do you still remember the pre-pack nasi lemak in mamak stall that sell 50 sen a pack in those day? Now, I can still find 80 sen pre-pack nasi lemak in KL but you'll have know how big is the portion since the price of everything is inflating except our pay. I'm not being ridiculous in critising NLA but the rice portion is as small as the pre-pack nasi lemak that cost 80 sen.

Anyway, this post is only based on our opinion and we have the right to tell the readers what they should expect when going there.

Happy New Year!!
$ronco$ said…
I agree with all of you. Franchise does somewhat bring some standard in KK living. For E.g I remember before 1990, kids only know of pizza from Ninja turtle's Michaelangelo's pizza antics. And only after the arrival of Pizza Hut at centre point in 1990, we then could touch, smell and eat what that greed dude was referring to.

But when a franchise is not executed properly, that's where the trouble begins. Remember satay ria? Or Brownies? or Jollybee? Sugarbun is on drips to say the least.

I also stumbled upon this:

Read the comments my friends.

There's always 2 sides to a story, so without being biased, here's another one:

However, I am not prepared to write-off this restaurant completely. They do of course, serve a great service to our community: eveready nasi lemak whenever I want it. So I will be back (with a vengeance some might say) to prove myself oh-so-wrong. I'll even throw in a handicap: Extremely hungry, and off-peak hours, in order to tilt my response to NLA's favor.

But if that fails still..well, let's give it a benefit of a doubt shall we? ;-)
$ronco$ said…
A point to add, before arrival of pizza hut, there were a few notable pizza place in KK. Namely, sugar ribbon in foh sang, and one more in karamunsing where guardian now is. But Pizza Hut made pizza available to the masses.
Anonymous said…
Rindu pula mau pulang KK...
I've been living in Australia for 15 years now. Kalau dulu, zaman 80an, TV3 pun teda dapat. Sia ingat lagi, kalau bapa sia pigi KL, nanti dia belikan Vitagen bawa balik Sabah. But now, with all the franchsie places popping up in KK, we will not be cop 'ketinggalan zaman' anymore! Woohoo!!!
p/s: lepas ni suruh la siapa-siapa buka carls jr sana... :-)

jojo, perth
Mas Light said…
So true about the service *sigh. And portion wise is =_=""
Charles Lai said…
Like I have always said, Kon Lo Mien is(was) supposed to be a cheap chinese fast foot, bt that's screwed too. Nasi lemak 4 RM7? That's crazy... Still cost RM1-2 on my fav joint. Cheers.
Anonymous said…
This cud b a fact tht u may not knw.when my family n i went there,we asked d manager regarding d franchise.she said the franchisor in kl only pack n deliver d sambal. The nasi,ayam,kerang dishes,telur n all r prepared using d kk franchisee own recipe.
I think its not as great as wht u get frm d original nasi lemak in kg.baru
Anonymous said…
Hope to see Dome in Suria Sabah. Food there is reasonable just that no good coffee around. Coffee at Starbucks suck big time....
Anonymous said…
I absolutely agreed with you that the service is so poor. My husband ordered nasi lemak sambal udang with petai but there were no petai at all. So he asked the waitress why arent there any petai. Guess what she replies? She said there is only little petai but we told her that there are none. So she rephased it and said there is no petai even if you order sambal udang with petai. What kind of service is that? If there is no petai then don't list it in the menu. I sincerely hope the manager could do something about the training of staff as well as improvement on the dish. It really taste horrible..My advise to all, please don't order any nasi lemak sambal udang petai othewise it will spoilt your day.

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