May & May Sandwich House @ Lintas

Mention Sandwich shop to me and the first thing that comes to mind is a foot-long sub with juicy meatball and oozing cheese. But this is KK, so I tone down that expectation a few notches when I read the signage May and May sandwich house. But intrigued nonetheless, that KK offers this specialty grub, whose humble beginnings dates back to 17th century Netherlands.

I wasn’t disappointed with the wide array of selection available and how you have to look on the wall to choose your sandwich. They do give you a menu for the days where you have stiff necks. My only qualms at this point of time was that there was no choice of bread, i.e wholemeal, bran, white etc. But I guess they are able to keep costs down by offering just plain whites.

While busy looking at the food offerings on the walls, I fail to notice the dirty table with crumbs from previous patron that still lay on the table (Strike 1)

I ordered myself a "Tuna-Cheese-egg" toast and "chicken sausage and ham" club sandwich. Fyi, each filling comes in either "club" or "toast" variant. What are the difference? Judging from the food that arrived at our table, I honestly can’t tell (strike 2) expect maybe for the extra condiments and sunny side up egg(and price difference).

"Tuna, Cheese, Eggs" aka "Egg mayo and Jam" Sandwich RM3.80

A bite into my sandwich and horror rained upon me, when my pallets were confused with the unholy matrimony of sweet and savory. To my disgust, I had strawberry jam on one side of the filling and a egg mayo on another. I asked the restaurateur, and she kindly told me that there is a misprint, where “tuna-cheese-egg”, should be read as “cheese-egg-jam” (strike 3).

On the other sandwich, this is a rather “complicated” one which takes “years” of mastering in order to make it perfect. Look at the photo and you’ll know how difficult it is to make, don’t attempt to make one by yourself at home. Instead pay good money (RM6.50) for the professionals to do it for you. (strike 4,5,6….you’re out big time.!!)

All in all, unless you’re prepared to fork out RM15 for brunch from a dirty eatery, refrain from coming here. The name “sandwich house” is just a big slutty tease that will even make Joey Tribianni cry.

Chicken Sausages and Ham Club Sandwich Set RM6.50

Food: 2/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 1.5/5


Keri said…
Hi, GREAT looking sandwiches here! Awesome. And I know about sandwiches. One of these days when you have a minute, come and see my blog. I'd be proud and honored to have you as a friend/follower. Happy New Year, Keri (aka Sam)

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