Hilltop Restaurant @ Hilltop - 2nd Visits

During our previous visits to Hilltop Restaurant, we missed out the Kung Pao Tin Kai (Fried frog), Grilled fish and the western food. However, the food was good and satisfying. So, this time we are back for more.  
We ordered the Kung Pao Tin Kai which is one of the restaurant's specialty and some other dishes. We also ordered a Grilled fish and a Fish and Chips which we were some of the famous orders we saw during our previous visits.

The Kung Pao Tin Kai, RM30, was really good. The exotic flavours of the Tin Kai(frog) was so amazing. The meat was quite juicy and you can still tasted the freshness of the meat despite the heavy spices used to cooked it.

As for the Grilled Stingra, RM8, the fish was fresh and it was grilled until crispy and fragrantly good. Even without the sauce, the fish tasted good enough. The extra flavour given by the sauce was just the bonus you get.
The Fish and Chips was not bad as well. Although the fish was the frozen Dory Fish, it was fried till very crispy while still keeping the juiciness of the meat. However, the fries tasted like overnight fries and for the price of RM15, we can get something better elsewhere.

Beancurd with minced meat (Good), RM8

Stir-fried Choysum, RM8

Yaumak with oyster sauce, RM8

Coconut Drinks, RM10 for 2

Total costs = RM87.30

Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 2/5


Unknown said…
Love frogs! Especially when they put it in porridge.

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