GrandMama's , Pavilion KL

I am sure many of you have been to Pavilion and just get spoiled by choices. The easiest bet is to eat at the food republic located at the basement or perhaps try out the many different restaurants located within the premise. I decided to give Grandmama's a try. I was a bit skeptic about this place initially because it was supposed to be a less dearer version of Madam Kwan's. I am sure we have all heard of Madam Kwan and her famous Nasi Lemak but to be honest i still think my mom's nasi lemak is the best =) so i never did bother trying their nasi lemak. True enough, Grandmama's is opened by the daughter or grandson of Madam Kwan (my facts could be wrong but its definitely linked in some way or another).

The place is nicely put together with an option to either be seated inside the restaurant or outside the restaurant where you can enjoy your meal and "people watch" at the same time. I reckon the setting is nice and good enough to have a decent meal and catch up with your friends. The furniture that are being used really exudes a very retro looking and feel to it and do check out the tiles! Retro yet very modernized at the same time.

As you look through the menu you will definitely be spoil by choices of food from both eastern and western food. Normally, I'll go for the chef recommendations! You know that little icon or tick mark that denotes "highly recommended by the chef"!
"Sang Har Hor Fun "RM19
Well i was really expecting something that will blow me away but unfortunately this dish didn't do it for me. It lacks "oomph" and taste wise, it was mediocre. I prefer something more intense but the description did mention "light broth"?! It is definitely edible and taste reasonably good but not something I'll go back for. Portion wise, well I'd be happier to see more on my plate! Call me greedy =) Maybe they were going for the french version of chinese food ... big white plate with tiny piece of food in the middle?
"Nasi Bojari RM20.00"
Basically it consist of tri-color rice, assam prawns , beef rendang and deep fried chicken drumstick. This dish was good but could have been better with some acar / pickled vege or perhaps a fried egg?

" Beef Hor fun RM14.90"
Well this dish was pretty good and it was rather delicious.
(but then again, you can definitely get something way better at the chinese "tai chou" which probably sells it at a fraction of this price and taste way better! )

"Spaghetti Bolagnese "
This dish in my opinion was a true disappointment!
Firstly the noodles was not Al - Dante ! Ie firm but not hard!
The spaghetti noodles at that time was a tad hard.
Secondly i reckon the bolagnese was not saucy enough. It was lacking in flavour and it tasted rather bland. I guess it could have been a one off thing, or maybe just so happen my noodles were not cooked to Al Dante.

Anyways, overall my dining experience was rather good. The service was good and the ambiance was good. But the food wasnt really impressive.

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds/opinion and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. .

Yikes! It is almost almost new year!
Life goes on but do we have to start listing our new year's resolution?
Maybe one of it should include
1. To be able to eat like angeline/monica and still have their body =)


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