D'Yummy Recipe @ Citymall


D'Yummy closed for business - Shop now taken over, Fork and Spoon moving over soon!!!

As we walked around Citymall, we noticed that there is a new restaurant which is located next to Station 13. In order to fulfill our curiosity,we decided to give it a try although the shop was empty and we are the only customers. The shop mainly serves braised beef and braised chicken. While we were waiting for our food to be serves, we overheard the boss said that their shop actual opening ceremony will be held today at 3pm. So, we might have been their very first customer, I guessed.

Since I already had my breakfast, I ordered a Braised Mixed Beef and a Lover Fruit Snow Ice while Monica ordered a Herbal Beef Soup Noodle and Honey Red Tea with Pearl. When the food arrived, we can smell the strong herbs tastes from the Herbal Beef Soup Noodle and it makes us salivating. Couldn't be deny, the beef soup was nice and the mixed beef was good especially if you eat it with the chilli sauce. I love the beef tendons but my only qualm is that the meat was over cooked and hard to chewed.

 Lover Fruit SNow Ice, RM3.50 and Honey Red Tea with pearl jelly RM3.30
 Herbal Beef Soup Noodle, RM7.50
 Braised Mixed Beef, RM7.50
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


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