DaPaolo Bistro Bar, SINGAPORE

Finally found the time to sneak in this review on "Dapaolo Bistro Bar". Have been working an average of 15 hours a day the past three days. Now i understand what they mean by "peak period". But work aside, let me waltz you through this place. Dapaolo is situated at 3, Rochester Park. Most of the restaurants there are converted from bungalow houses. Which of course did a really good job in making you feel welcomed and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is about a 12 mins taxi ride from Orchard. It is near dover and commenwealth area.

I think the trees and the old school feel of the bungalow makes this place really inviting and homely. As the name suggest, "Rochester Park" this area is surrounded by lots of trees and plants. So really there is a sense of calmness and serenity when you dine here.

I took this picture when we left which was quite late in the night. That is why it is empty, there were definitely patrons sitting at those empty seats seen in the picture below. Doesn't it feel like you are dining at your garden chilling on your garden dining chair =) ? Well, at least that's how i felt.

You can also chill out at the chill out room, which looks like this. Very nice and cosy. I love the long wooden table in the middle. I think it is definitely an art on its own. A piece that i definitely want in my own home too.

We started the night with a bottle of white wine which i failed to take the name of but thats a glimpse of the bottle. I guess it starts with the letter "W".
Remember, everytime you drink a glass of wine or any alcoholic beverages be sure to drink plenty of water so that you do not dehydrate! Alcohol has this tendency to cause dehydration and sometimes lead to lousy headaches or hangovers.

"Grilled rack of lamb with parsley bread crust served with grilled asparagus $36"
We wanted the lamb done "medium" but it came almost "medium done"! Otherwise this dish would have been delicious. I am not a lamb lover but i thought the taste of the lamb was not overpowering and the sauce complemented the dish pretty well.
A little fact that i would love to share with you about aspargus. It is low in calories and contains no cholesterol. It is also a diuretic (which means, makes you go to toilet and pee pee). It is low in sodium and a very good source of folic acid(vitamin B9) which is important in the production of red blood cells and prevention of anemia. It also contains a good source of potassium.

"Home made egg pasta tossed with crayfish, garlic, cherry tomatoes, white wine and herbs $27 "
The home made egg pasta was delcious. Perhaps anything eggy and anything home made always tickle my fancy. The noodles was al dante and taste wise, i think it did a good enough job to make the dish looking presentable and palatable.

The most important thing about eating pasta is having every strand of noodles coated with the sauce! The crayfish was nice and juicy and i still think it lacks in some flavour but i cant point it out. You know that oomph factor that makes you go ... yes this is super delicious. This was good but it lacks the oomph ! Yet to find the oomph pasta!

We were trying to be adventerous with the dessert therefore we decided to order the
"Bitter caramel mousse, a layer of chocolate pudding on olive oil cake $12"

Well it is definitely an interesting taste to the taste bud. The bitter caramel is probably something that i am not used to and also i am not a big fan of caramel but the whole cake complemented each flavor reasonably well. The sweetness of the chocolate pudding bites through the bitterness which somewhat neautralizes the flavour and brings out the olive cake.
I really don't know how to judge this dessert!
Not satisfied with this dessert, we decided to order another one. Can't posibbly go wrong with a chocolate cake right ?
"Valrhona Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream $12"
The cake was served to us warm with the chocolate sauce drizzling and melting through the cake. The cold ice cream gave a very contrasting feel to this dish. The mixture of the warm cake and cold ice cream somewhat blended well together. It was a decent enough cake but definitely tasted way better chocolate cake. But essentially, I am a tiramisu lover. Was tempted to order it but decided to have a change!

By the way if you are a tiramisu lover like i am, do give "Alexis Tiramisu Cake a try" or "The Library at Curve Damansara". But i think the are both supplied by the same Tiramisu cake supplier!

Okay before i end this post, would love to wish all the readers of this blog a very happy new year and may the year 2010 bring you to greater heights in all aspects of your life. Do continue to support this blog. I think both angeline and monica has done a great job in regularly updating this blog a few times a day on their foodie adventure! It definitely takes time and patient and dedication to do so.

" Happy New Year "


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