Chuan Hin @ Luyang - Dinner

I had always wanted to try Chuan Hin which has been well-known with the Wor Tip(dumplings), Grilled Fish and Sotong Kangkung(Cuttlefish with vegetables). With the crowds that never stop coming to Chuan Hin, really stirred up my curiosity, mainly because I was wondering the food were really good.
Both Angeline and I were exhausted after our classes due to the bad weather. We didn't felt like traveling far for food today, so we took this as a chance to try out Chuan Hin. We ordered the Wor Tip, Grilled Fish, Sotong Kangkung, Wat Tan Ho and a fried choy sum.
The Wor Tip was quite good but I can't find anything outstanding as it is a very common food in KK and you can easily found it at most of the eateries center. The price for 10 pieces is only RM6. Among all the dishes we ordered, we love the Sotong Kangkung, mostly because we missed the food in KL and we can hardly find it in KK. We almost polished the whole plate but it was also due to the small serving portion. The Grilled Fish tasted just like the ordinary grilled fish we normally had except that the type of fish they used was special.

Sotong Kangkung, RM10
Wor Tiek, RM6

Grilled Fish, RM10

Wat Tan Hor, RM8

Stir-Fried Choy Sum, RM7

Total bill for dinner, RM47

Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5


Unknown said…
The sotong kangkung looks really really good!
Unknown said…
RM6 bucks for 10 wor tip? That is 60 cents a pop!! That is pretty darn good deal. At that price, I think I can eat 2 plates. haha But then, I will need to spin 2 classes the next day.

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