Chinese Traditional Massage Therapy and Restaurant at OUG, Kuala Lumpur

At 8:30pm we make a move from Mid Valley to Tmn OUG, been waiting to go for this Chinese Traditional Massage Therapy for quite sometime, had my injury for half a year ago and only have time to go now. Since Elaine also injured her wrist, I bring her along as well. It is not a massage but a Chinese Tit Tar using chinese medicinal herbs to wrap your injured area, after 2 or 3 time of wrapping you'll recover well, also depends how serious was your injury. I only familiar with the place in KL to help cure your injury, if you ask me where in KK can do this, sorry, I really have no idea. I put it on my blog, hopefully will be a helpful infomation for you when you needed it.

Queueing for over turn, long wait. Done around 10pm. Then we only we go for our dinner with my mum as well. Mum, my driver, haha.

This corner shop at Taman OUG, is famous with their Tien Gai Chuk ( Frog Leg Porridge) and Steamed Fish Head, can you imagine at this hour is still crowded but we managed to get a table. My brother "Mark" also come and join us for dinner, we order Frog Leg Porridge, Kung Pow Frog Leg, Choy Sum Oyster sauce and Steamed Fish Head, we waited 30 minutes for the Steamed Fish Head, luckily it was good, worth it for the long wait. My brother order a steamed rice to go with the fish. Honestly, I don't know the exact amount I paid for the food cause everytime they served we pay, separately, end up I don't know what's the total amount, sorry.

Frog Leg Porridge (Good) and Choy Sum with Oyster sauce, RM22

Kung Pow Frog Leg, RM11 (Too salty, must eat with plain porridge)

Steamed Fish Head with Bean Paste Sauce and 1 Rice, RM21 (Thumbs Up!)
Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5


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