Bistro Amigos, SINGAPORE

It is only 4 days till Christmas! Definitely it is the season to be merry and jolly. How was your weekend my fellow readers? Mine was great as I spend it with great friends, good company and definitely good food to satisfy the ever demanding palate. My friend introduced me to this lovely place on the 1st floor of Funan Digital Mall near Suntec. It is just a short 5 mins walk from City Hall.

"Bistro Amigo"
The owner has a vast collection of wines.

This is the setting of the bar
Basically the deco of this place is very European and it is suitable for casual dining. The food is definitely above average for casual dining and you can definitely expect to receive good quality food.
To accompany our dining experience, we decided to get a bottle of Brazilian wine. This Merlot was really easy on the palate and complemented the dishes we had so very well. If you are a wine lover, why don't you give this Merlot by Cordelier a try ? It is from Brazil.

As a starter, it is a common practice for most western restaurants to fill you up with carbs while you wait for your food to be cooked and served to you. White baguette with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip.
We also had Smoked Duck Breast with Salad which tasted very delicious. As the duck is smoked, you could hardly taste the taste of the duck, it almost feld like i was eating salami or ham. But the meat remained tender and not dry, However, if you were looking for some juicy duck breast meat perhaps you wont enjoy the smoked version.

We also ordered a dozen (seperated into two plates) of fresh New Zealand Oysters that is seriously fresh! It is not often you get nice juicy fresh oysters, you can still taste the ocean =) According to my friend, it is probably one of the best place he has tasted fresh oysters hence the recommendation.

The main for the night was the beef ribs with long beans, onions and potatoes and pepper bells. It was probably the highlight of the night. The beef ribs was still juicy and moist and it was roasted till medium. You can still see the tender red colour. Taste wise, i think it was good! The veges complemented the dish really well.
There is the right amount of fats on the meat to allow the ribs to remain moist and tender in the cooking process.
As for me, the highlight is definitely the dessert. The apple pie was absolutely delicious. The vanilla ice cream complemented the apple pie to the nines. What would have made it better? Perhaps flaming the apple pie with some alcohol to bring out the richness of the pie? Herm, that reminds me of crepe suzette.

This was the chocolate cake with chocolate molten in the middle, it was reasonable good as well but i like the apple pie better.
When you pierce through the cake, hot chocolate sauce will drizzle out and when you eat it with the ice cold ice cream ...argh bliss !
I guess that sums up my pre-christmas dinner with my friends. More to come! The total bill was S$200.70 (including wine, GST and service tax). This place is perfect for casual dining.


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