3rd Floor Foodcourt @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

 After my morning workout at Celebrity Fitness, joined Alex class, Spinning of course, I  meet up with a friend for breakfast at the foodcourt. I'm craving for some Chee Cheong Fun and Curry noodle. This was not the best Yong Tau Foo in town but is good enough to satify my craving. A good one, will have to drive out of Mid Valley- good Yong Tau Foo you'll find it in this area - Pudu, Cheras and Petaling Street. Well I'm realy lazy to drive, unless someone drive me then I'll go out of Mid Valley for food.
Curry Yong Tau Foo with Mee Hoon, RM11.00
Yong Tau Foo with Chee Cheong Fun, RM10.00
East Court Christmas Decoration
After breakfast I went to buy some book at MPH, looking at the nice Christmas Deco can't resist to take a photo
Getting a newspaper at 7Eleven down my Northpoint Residence at Block A, next to it is a Japanese Resataurant "Ninja Jones" ( High End)
Waiters are dressing up in a Ninja costume
Massage centre also located down Block A
Chili Expresso is located under Block B Northpoint Residences, they do serve variety of great meal for breakfast  and lunch, dinner closed
When I reached home, Mikey was seating at the door waiting for me with a sad looking face, he hate to be left alone. As usual he will revenge peeing everywhere in the house, I took his nappy off before I go for my workout cause he was having some skin  rashes. Poor boy!


Snifff said…
I have tasted Ninja Jones, definitely a bit pricier but food wise, not too bad. Nothing to shout about besides have the waiter and waitress in ninja outfits. =) I think malaysian hawker food rocks! Cannot compare to SG!
Angeline said…
Yeah, heard about that, food not exceptional good, that's why I never have the intention to try it even though just right under my apartment.
Yeah, Malysian hawker food Rocks!
I really like your write up for the blog post! Very interesting to read through. Hard time for me to think of what to write, haha.

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